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Creating a mod in F# / fsharp ?

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I only laid some (probably shitty) groundwork. This is not finished!


So I have basically tried prototyping a simple Vintage Story mod with F# instead of C# as preferred language. I think it's halfway done(?) but I need some finishing touches to run.

Why this post?

I am not a .NET dev and my background is Java. Thus I am not (very) familiar with .NET platform and environment.
I couldn't get my prototype to run.
So I decided to publish some of the (simple) groundwork I have done so others do not have to deal with this annoying stuff.

If the groundwork I laid still isn't helpful I apologize beforehand. Guess I'm not experienced enough with .NET.

If anyone cares / is interested enough in developing a Vintage Story mod with F# then feel free to take a look at what I have tried so far.
I did include a README to provide some more info at least.



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