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New Server as of 3/8 - Ophanim - US 1.19.5 - Spring is just starting! Active Server!


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Come join us @ Ophanim, a brand new server as of 3/8 based in midwest US! So far, five strangers have met and started building a small village as we are getting near our first winter. Everyone is friendly and welcoming to all! We have a discord now!


The setting is a dangerous and challenging world with some additional game-play loops which are fun and interesting. Progressions will feel rewarding for your play-through as you not only work through the various technological trees and additional mod contents, but you will level up through the mod XSkills.

Cooperative or solo play are what this server is about, so no PvP or griefing.

World Gen

The three mods used for world generation are Plains & Valleys, Rivers and Wildcraft: Trees and Shrubs. Because Plains & Valleys flattens a lot of the land formations, I lowered ruins spawns as they spawn more often with flat land. I've adjusted some of the settings on Rivers to make for some beautiful landscapes and unique scenery. Wildcraft: Trees and Shrubs adds a lot of variety of plant life.

Settings will be default standard with the exceptions listed below.

World Height: 320

Days per Month: 30 days (24 real life hours)

Landcover: 60% - A healthy balance of oceans. Oceans encourage Sailing.

Landcover Scale: 200%

Polar Equator Distance: 100k blocks default - See Teleportation Network below.

Death Punishment: Revamped to use Player Corpses which leaves a lootable corpse where you die. Only you can interact with the corpse for 5 days.

Lung Capacity: 2 minutes

Block Gravity: Sand and gravel instability

Cave-ins: Enabled

Microblock Chiseling: Most Cubic Blocks

Color Accurate Worldmap: True - The server will be using Natural Trails and trails show up on the color map.

Temporal Storms: Off - Early access development on temporal storms doesn't feel fleshed out. I don't see the point of storms if you have to hole up in a small coffin because monsters spawn in your base during them.



A Culinary Artillery - Combined with Expanded Foods, these two mods add a host of new cooking equipment and food recipes. Too many to list.

Alchemy - Adds a game-play loop for making potions, including the need for functional distilleries for the strongest potions.

Ancient Dungeons - Adds some real unique underground dungeons. They are dangerous, enter at your own peril.

Arrowhead Mold - Adds an arrowhead mold. 1 less arrowhead than if you smith them.

Better Firepit - Improves the behavior of firepits.

Better Jonas Devices - Makes Jonas devices useful.

Better Ruins - Variety of new ruins, some very unique and large ruins included. This will run in tandem with Structures Spawn Chances 50% due to the specific world generation.

Better Traders - Variety of new trader homes for aesthetics.

Bricklayers - Variety of new blocks to decorate from stones, bricks, clay, porcelain and glass.

Bullseye - Changes the way the aiming system works from vanilla. You can see it in action on the mod page.

Butchering - A new game-play loop that involves creating butchering hooks/table to get the full drop value from animals you harvest. You can still harvest creatures without going through the process, but you will not get the full drop values. This one is important to read through due to the way it changes vanilla meat drops.

Carry On - Ability to pickup/place most storage vessels by shift right-clicking. You will move much slower while holding them.

Cellar Door - Adds a ceramic cellar door that blocks light at 100%.

Chisel Tools - New tools to make chiseling a more complete experience.

Coinage - Adds coins and coinmaking to promote in-game economy.

Compass2 - 4 unique compasses to craft.

Decor Bazaar - Many new furniture items, too many to list. Does give a composter to speed along the rot process.

Expanded Foods - Combined with A Culinary Artillery, there are too many new food recipes to list. This mod adds an alternative game-play loop for making salt.

Farmland Drops Soil - Get soil back when you dig up farmland. If soil nutrition is less than its maximum, there is a chance you do not get it back.

Firearms - Guns! The mod has some dependencies that I won't list here. A few of the guns require the Clockmaker class or schematics found in ruins.

From Golden Combs - Beekeeping taken to the next level!

Immersive Wood Chopping - To create firewood, you must place the log down and right click it with the axe. The next log is placed automatically to continue chopping. You can no longer create firewood in the grid.

Immersive Wood Sawing - To create planks, you must place the log and saw with the right click to create 6 planks. Better tools saw faster.

Joy of Painting - Add customizable paintings using URLs or images.

Joy of Sailing - Adds a few different boats. Sailboats rival that of end-game walking speed. I've also added [Simple Wind Direction](https://mods.vintagestory.at/simplewinddirection) because it works in parallel with this.

Meteoric Expansion - Meteors streak across the sky. Sometimes, very very rarely, they impact the ground and cause destruction. However, they will not destroy land claims. I've done a lot of tweaking and testing with this mod on 320 world height, and although sometimes the meteors impact the mountains up higher, they almost never hit the lower areas.

Millwright - Better windmills with more options to crank out more power.

Nails and Strips Clay Mold - A clay mold for nails and strips.

Mannequin - A mannequin with interactive UI for wearing whatever you put on it.

Pipeleaf - Craft smoking pipes and grow herbs for some unique effects when smoked.

Primitive Survival - An extremely popular and hefty mod that adds a lot of interesting content for early/mid game survival. There are some quality of life improvements and too much to type out. For more details you can read through what this mod includes.

QPTech - A ton of new mechanical systems, with late game in mind. Adds some very powerful automation, including firewood splitter and sawmill, electricity, auto hammers, etc...

Quench in Barrels - Can use barrels with water in them to cool off hot items.

Sharable Waypoints - Share waypoints with a specified group. Commands for this is linked in the mod page.

RP Voice Chat - VOIP for in-game chat based on proximity.

Shelfish Place - More things on shelves.

Simple Wind Direction - Used with the sailboats, wind can make you travel faster.

Spyglass - Adds a spyglass that can see far away. This is one of my favorite mods and I use it all the time.

Stone Bake Oven - Better oven blocks for baking bread.

Storage Options - More unique storage blocks.

Structures Spawn Chances 50% - Used in conjunction with Plains & Valleys to reduce overall amount of structures.

Tailor's Delight - New tools, weapons, items decorations and blocks with tailoring in mind. Even has some items that are for the Tailor class specifically. Dependency Expanded Matter

Teleportation Network - Adds a teleport near the world spawn that will link to other teleportation networks across the world.

Vinconomy - Setup shops to sell all types of items to other players, even when you are offline.

XSkills - A skill progression system to permanently enhance your characters abilities.

Creature Mods

Entities Interact - I created this mod so creatures will communicate with each other and reduced spawnrates accordingly to be closer to vanilla.

Cats - Adds wild cats which are tameable. They have an effect on low level drifters.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Caninae - Replaces wolves and foxes with many new varieties.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Machairodontinae - Extremely dangerous large cats, the Saber cat.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Pantherinae - Adds big cats like lions and tigers to the game. They are quick and powerful creatures not to be taken lightly.

Feverstone Horses - Adds horses and the ability to tame and ride them. Dependency PetAI

Hieronymous' Reptiles & Amphibians - Some amphibian wildlife.

Medieval expansion - Adds some medieval items, as well as the Aurochs (Cows).

More Animals - Four new varieties of birds that can be tended the same as chickens.

The Critters Package - Adds cute little critters to the game. Crows and waxwings will eat crops and need to be scared off with training dummies or scarecrows.


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