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Useless Uses for all the Useless Metals


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There are quite a few 'useless' metals and alloys in the game that strangely allow you to make chain and/or scales and/or lamellae. 
I think it would be really cool for immersion purposes if you could make these into armour and tools, even if the they were completely terrible because such metals are not really meant to be used for such purposes.

Imagine seeing someone using brass scale armour, or an electrum falx.
Quite useless and fragile, sure, but I think having the choice available could be really fun. Even if the items were just recolours of other weapons and armour.
Perhaps you could use such weapons and armour as ceremonial pieces, to only be used for show and style.

Just an idea I had that I thought could be cool, what does everyone else think? :)

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