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Seeking help for a mod that disables panning sand and gravel, and adds "Rich Gravel" as a pannable resource.

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Looking for someone willing to make a simple mod that disables panning everything except bony soil, and which also adds a new resource: Rich Gravel, which would spawn within gravel deposits much as flint does within rock layers, and which can be panned to obtain small amounts of nuggets of gold, silver, and more common ore types such as copper and tin.

The aim is to turn off all surface deposits of copper and tin, and have bony soil and rich gravel deposits as the only pannable resources.  Players in the early game would seek out ruins for resources and bony soil, and hunt for rich gravel deposits in gravel beds to pan for nuggets of ore.

It should be a simple mod for someone who knows what they are doing. If anyone would be willing to take it up, it would be much appreciated!


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