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Batch of simple suggestions


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Make equipment descriptions state which slot it occupies.

In prospecting, make ore names be followed by metal names. e.g. Cassiterite ---> Cassiterite (Tin). Trivial change that would avoid confusion.

In the in-game tutorial, teach players to light a torch by crouching and holding right-click on fire instead of inserting it in the fire. This is quicker, more immersive and works with different fire sources like oil lamps and placed torches.

Make fish guaranteed to drop fish meat when butchered. Make them rarer to compensate. Killing several fish and having none of them drop meat is annoying and encourages players to ignore fish entirely.

Make animals either panic or chase player when shot at from a distance, not stand still as if nothing is happening.

Allow quenching items with a water barrel.

Make firepit show coal instead of wood when coal is inserted as fuel (or add a separate firepit built with coal instead of firewood that always shows coal as the fuel). Would make crucible furnaces look better.

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