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Interesting Lore Detail I Noticed


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In 'The Patronage of Tibalt Amaro" (an archives lore book) it mentions how Amaro tells the inventor Dastan that one day his name will be as famous as that of Falx. This indicates that at the time this record was created, Jonas Falx was alive and well-known. This is interesting as the record is from "before our dark age" (words of the scribe who transcribed this record into a book) and the only 'present' time period (when a scribe copied this recording into a book) thing that relates to this story is a childrens' tale. This means that Falx was alive long, long ago, and is presumably still alive when an archives scribe writes this book due to the archives being filled with his inventions and the Eidolon. I suppose it could be that the "dark age" is only a 'recent' occurrence due to the rot, though the linking of this story to a childrens' tale most likely shows that it was so long ago that it has passed into legend. This suggests to me that the Falx mentioned in the story is either a distant relative of Jonas', or that more likely, Jonas himself is immortal, and is therefore a Seraph and not a human.

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