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Use of Names for blocks instead of item id's

Dilan Rona

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I ran into a problem when dealing with server side mods, where the mods were different that what i had installed, and today, when I went back into my game, a number of items were remapped and glitched out with a white block with a question mark, or items that was a black frame. Only when removing the server side mods folder, and re opening the save did my save file open properly again. But I had to pick up 2 blocks and replace them to get the original function to work again. So all I lost now is a couple stacks of Oak wook.


In all accounts this is a bug if it loads server side mods as well with the client world, but its better to make a suggestion(s).

1.) To have block names, instead of block id's as currently implemented,
2.) Just as the game seperated server side mods from mods used by local saves, have a seperate folder for server side mod data, and server side mod config.



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