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More realistic fluid physics.


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Meaning, fluid physics that obey the conservation of matter, rather than simply making an infinite water source block with any old bucket. Think Terraria. Having to manually haul water from one place to another, bucket by bucket. Might also give a new use for pipes.

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Hell, even making it more like Minecraft would be an improvement. At least in minecraft single missing blocks of water source would get filled in automatically if neighbored by other source blocks; in VS you have invisible gaps that will constantly make annoying noises until you manually fill them in by searching for the particle effect.


- water source blocks propagate to fill gaps (allows for infinite water, fixes annoying gaps)

- picking up water source with a bucket removes it (actual water transportation)

If you wanted to be hardcore, you'd add #2 and not #1 to VS, but it would be kind of annoying since water physics is too lacking to handle the gaps it would make to remove water from a source location.

If you just wanted convenience, you'd add both, since that makes fluid pickup slightly more immersive while still having the option of duplicating water source blocks.

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