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[US] The Homestead 1.19.7 Modded Hardcore PVX Survival

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Your eyes slowly creak open as the world shows itself around you. You feel the cool breeze against your skin as you slowly come to your feet. With nothing to your name, not even rags on your back, you realize it's time to start anew. The Homestead awaits.

Server Description

The Homestead Vintage Story Server is a hardcore Vintage Story experience tailored to feel more "real" while offering a number of additions to the base game to enhance the player's experience. Players should expect to take longer to progress through the early, mid, and late game, and feel a larger sense of accomplishment upon reaching progression milestones. The Homestead server has removed the traditional 'class' system and places each player on the same footing to begin their journey. Player collaboration is strongly suggested for survival; however, make sure to determine whether your collaborators are friend or foe.

Notable Gameplay Features

  • Time scaling is updated to more closely match real-life (6 real-life hours per in-game day)
  • Minimap and all forms of location tracking are removed. Players are given a 'Spawn Compass' upon joining which points back to spawn.
  • All classes are removed and replaced with XSkills for player progression
  • Crop, berry, tree growth, and burn times are adjusted to be more realistic
  • Multiple late-game progression mods added (e.g., QPTech)
  • Outlaws and Creatures added for increased wilderness difficulty
  • PvP is enabled for all players outside of spawn

To Join the Server:

Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/Dqk7Myns5z and follow the instructions left in the #Server-Guide channel. IP address is included in the discord.







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