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Leather Tunic and Leather Jerkin Name Change


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This is a super simple suggestion, but it's a bit of a tiny gripe that I personally have.
The 'Malefactor Leather Tunic' is actually a leather jerkin. Specifically, it bears an extremely strong resemblance to the jerkins worn by British soldiers in WW1, four buttons and all.
The 'Leather Jerkin' armour in the game is actually leather gambeson. It has sleeves, which jerkins generally do not. It also has pants, which jerkins do not have as they are only a vest.
I would really like to see Malefactor's "malefactor leather tunic" changed to "malefactor leather jerkin" and the "leather jerkin" armour changed to "leather gambeson".

1. Real life leather jerkin. (Photo from Google images).

2. Real life leather gambeson. (Photo from Google images).

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