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Add a way to lock doors and other items


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I would like to see a way to lock doors so that when you built a house others cannot enter execpt for you :)

 with a key that you use on a lock that sits in the door itself if possible and you unlock the door with key and you can open and close it until you lock it again.

It is also fine if keypad and other locks are added if possible to the game.

2nd is to add locks for chests and such as well.

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Posted (edited)
23 hours ago, Bumber said:

Pretty sure you can already forge locks out of bronze and iron.


i saw that but i didn't get how to use it, but it would look better with plain locks than this with key or keypad code etc.

idk if it is from a mod but when i type door i get padlocks but i cannot get them working on doors anyway :/

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