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[NA East Coast] Seraph's Light | Light RP | Economy | Friendly | Modded


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Discord: https://discord.com/invite/YUwnbMsza5

Seraph's Light is a relaxed RP server based in North America (East Coast.) We run what I call a "modified vanilla plus" experience with mods. We want to keep our mod list low, but have nice quality of life additions, some fantasy elements, and Discord Integration! The server has regular backup ups, and has a high uptime. We will not be doing world resets unless it is required for an update we want or the community wants one. We are a small, cozy, and friendly community. Below is some of the features and settings we offer:

A quant starter village with NPC traders and a player run market place and player lots for sale!

Vinconomy allows for a player run economy including setting up your own shops!

Fantasy magic along with more non-magic weapons!

Discord integration suing DiscordBot! Using the specified channel, you can see what is happening in game! Who is on, who died, in-game chats and even chat with those who are playing through discord!

Vanity mod allows for you to keep your clothing look while wearing armor!

4 land claims per player and temporal gear respawns set to 40! Cave-ins enabled and keep items on death.

Time is paused when no body is on the server.

Currently running 1.19.8 I am also working on my own mod pack for the server (as I learn modding).




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