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[EU] Vintaria.Quest - Serverstart July 1st 2024 - Join now!


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Vintaria Logo

🦈A whitelisted, modded Vintage Story light-roleplay server based in central europe🦈

Server Information

🦈 Server-Location: Germany, Central Europe.
🦈 Servername: [EU] Vintaria
🦈 Server-IP:




🦈 Pwd: No password required, whistelisting on our discord!
🦈 ModList: [May be posted later]



General Information 🫑

🦈 Playstart on July First 2024. The server is prepared, now we need your help working out any kinks, testing the mods and stress-testing the server until we start next month. Join us and let's get to know each other a bit!

🦈 There is 12 custom classes - which might be imbalanced and buggy.

🦈 There are over 50 Mods, aiming at improved and extended Survival and Civilization Gameplay.

🦈 There is Proximity-VoiceChat - and a ProximityTextChatTab (Please keep General Chat clear).

🦈 You will be able to create your own Settlements > Baronies > Kingdoms if a few requirements are fulfilled. (Settlements can have non-english languages!)

🦈 Minimum player age is 18 - preferable 25+.

🦈 We have a 20-step-guide (tiny little steps!) on how to get whitelisted and join our server. You can find it on our website > Handbook!


"Light RolePlay"

Our focus is on immersive gameplay. There is no need for hardcore roleplay, no need for speaking "inCharacter" - simply try not to disturb peoples immersion with outGame speech, Gamerslang and iRL topics.

The focus of our immersive gameplay is building and simulating a civilization.



🦈 Website - vintaria.quest

🦈 Discord - discord.vintaria.quest

🦈 Youtube @VintariaRP

🦈 TikTok @Vintaria - will most likely never be used.



This post is work in progress and might change... or not.
I hope you're able to see the custom fonts I copied in here! :D

Edited by NMND
Fixed YT link. Fixed server IP/Ports.
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We got

Four days remaining

until launch day!


The current test phase is ending on 29th of June!


Currently, there are 10 players whitelisted.
I will whitelist 5 to 10 more players for the launch!
*Of course, applications will remain open!*


Most required jobs:

  • Woodworker
  • Mason
  • Farmer
  • Tinkerer
  • Fighter classes (Warrior, Scout, Archer)
  • Taylor
  • Commoner (= Cook and Scribe)


We are running a poll to determine the most suitable time to start on launch day, so


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