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Seasonal brooks

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As days get longer and snowpack starts to melt the forest begins to wake up. Part of that activity is the babbling and gushing and running of water. These little rivlets and streams mark the coming of spring and last through the late summer. Then they are gone again as fall and winter set in.

Like the longer days and the changing of colors it would be nice to have another marker of time, something to watch and look for at the end of a long winter.

The trigger could be either time or temperature, whichever is easier. Maybe with an element of randomness so its a little different from one year to the next and worth noting in a journal.

Placement would be pretty similar to waterfalls. Maybe try to get the seasonal brooks a little lower on the hills. I think it doesn't matter so much how far they flow, just that they are there and you hear and see them sometimes.

Thanks for building such a wonderful world!



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I love this idea, and as someone who lives in an area that floods a lot an easy way to do this might be to have areas with moderate or high rainfall to generate "flood water" in the early spring in certain areas.  I suggest it to be a different type of water block so when early spring passes they can be targeted for removal. Below ocean level basements/rooms could also flood and non-sealed containers of food can get ruined. 

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