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Tired of trapping bears in pits?

Simple, add bear traps to the game. To craft them, obtain two bear trap jaws by smithing, then craft the trap using nails and strips to join them together. Be careful about handling the open trap when not sneaking!

This mod adds a seeking food behaviour to bears, so placing appropriate bait in the traps (Protein or Fruit) will attract them. Other animals will also be attracted to proper bait, just like with a basket trap, but bear in mind that it will easily kill smaller animals.

To use a bear trap, first place it down. Then, you can open it by sneaking. Bait can be placed by sneaking or sitting, trying to interact with the trap while standing will trap your hand!

Traps have durability which scales with the material. Whenever a player or a trapped beast gets damaged by the trap, it will emit a metallic sound and lose 1 durability. Once that is exhausted, it will break and free the trapped animal. Be careful of trapping bears in low-tier traps for long as they might break them and escape.

Breaking a broken trap will drop nuggets of that metal equivalent to roughly half the metal used for the trap. Similarly, traps can be recycled by smashing them with a hammer.


The model for the bear trap was designed by OriginlessGamer (Socials: YouTube, Discord, Patreon) in this video:


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6 minutes ago, StCatharines said:

I keep considering adding this mod to my server, but I expect I'd end up hurting myself more often than bears. 😅

Still, great work! It really adds a certain something as far as options for dealing with bears.

Thanks, I tried to make it somewhat balanced as an alternative to not having bears at all. I enjoyed the thrill of my first bear hunt, but after a while of them spawning next to my home they just became an annoyance. The trap is mostly useful to protect your base and animal pens, and bears would still be a danger during exploration.

As for getting hurt, just be careful😉. If you always interact with the trap while sneaking and don't step on it, it should be fine. Furthermore, low-tier traps don't deal too much damage and will still trap bears for some time (be mindful of their durability), so they are somewhat safe.

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