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(ENG-NA) Silver Hills RP

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( This is an interest check for a multiplayer server. The server has not yet been hosted. )

It's been a few hundred years since we as a people emerged from underground. The world isn't the same as how we left it.

You represent a new generation of adventurers, a people who have emigrated to newly discovered lands; Silver Hills. The Capitol, Sanctuary needs *your* help to populate this newly discovered side of the world. Will you become a political leader? A simple farmer? Or something in between? This new world is within your hands.

What Are Our Aims?

💕 To be an inclusive, safe space for players who have had a hard time finding a space made for them.
📔  To tell a fun story with world-wide events, player driven conflict and storytelling, and a heavy roleplay focus.
🪙  To encourage player-driven economy, while also enabling self sufficiency if the player decides.
🏆  To give players a bit of a challenge, without being a hardcore experience.
👫  To be encouraging and welcoming to newcomers and new players.
☎️  To foster transparency and communication in the community to make sure that everyone feels included, seen, and listened to.
⚔️  To aim for a heavy roleplay focus instead of a casual one, for people who want to become immersed in the world and their characters.

What Are Our Plans?

🗺️ To keep the world fresh and fun, and the places in the world to be worth exploring. We plan to execute multiple server-wide events, as well as server down time in which the moderators will add new things to be discovered in untouched areas.
⚖️ To include things in character that make involving yourself in the world a challenge; everything you do will need to go through the Capitol, and you will need to follow protocol to do things such as open a guild, business, or even found a nation.


If you are interested in a server like this, I'd love to hear about your thoughts and opinions. In the meantime, I have a discord set up to begin working on refining rules and systems with the help of the interested community. It may take a little while for the server to go up, as something like this needs extensive planning, and I want the community to be involved in its conception; but I would love to hear from prospective players.

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