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Bring Back Scrapped Clothing


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I was watching an old video of a Youtuber doing a playthrough, and it got me remembering a few clothing designs that used to be in the game but have been since been scrapped.
More specifically, the old version of the alchemist belt and the old version of the marketeer undermask.

The old alchemist belt looked like a thin white sash with a pouch, very sleek looking. Think of the sash on the black bronze body lamellar.
The old marketeer undermask was a green pendant.


I just think it would be cool if these scrapped designs (and perhaps any others if I am not remembering them all) were allowed to see the light of day again as seperate clothing items.
Name the old alchemist belt something like "forager's sash" and the old marketeer undermask "bismuth pendant" and I think they could be simple standalone items.

Does anyone else like this idea? :D

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