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Looking for Modders (more info below)

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Firstly I would like to thank you for clicking onto my post.


To get right into things, the main concept of my idea stems from a mod from Minecraft called Origins. Essentially it’s a mod that allows a player to choose a race with upsides and downsides. 
This could just be looked at like we’re adding new classes but I don’t wish for it to be just a class reskin mod. I wish to develop a UI before character creation AND class selection that lets players choose a race that grants a unique play style. 

The end goal would be 5 total races with 3 sub-races for each one bringing up to a total of 15 races to choose from.


There is more to discuss but I do not wish for this post to be a text wall nor the idea to be parodied 1-1 with my concepts.
If you have any questions or requests regarding the project then feel free to reply.


Also there is no upper limit to the amount of modders requested at this moment. This is due to change.

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