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Anyone here doing custom mods to order?

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Hi, I have got a light roleplay server going and am finding there are no mods that do what I would like, so looking for anyone out here with experience for some custom mods to order.


Hit me up if this interests you.



Looking for someone to make various small mods for a role play server, currently working on classes and working on those but need help with actual modding.

Any ideas of roleplay mods that could be wanted is welcome as gladly fund the effort and time put into a mod that would be beneficial/fun


Some of the simple things I would like:

A mod that allows an any item to be on a 45degree angle using something like a book stand to sit on.

A mod that allows you to create a map item, idea being without this map you are unable to see the world or mini map and would rely on memory or help to get about, I am looking for it to be class exclusive.





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