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Machine crossbows (Polybolos?)

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Machine crossbows, which could be named polybolos, would be an advanced and exciting addition to Vintage Story. These weapons would be very heavy and sophisticated, providing rapid and continuous firing capability using complex mechanisms and advanced game resources.

Materials and Components:

Small Brass Gears:

  • Crafting: Can be forged in the metal forge or cast using gear molds.
  • Usage: Small brass gears would be essential for constructing the automatic firing mechanism of the crossbow.

Rechargeable Brass Springs:

  • Crafting: Can be created through forging in the metal forge or using specific molds for springs.
  • Recharging: These springs would need to be mechanically recharged, possibly using a specialized workbench or a charging machine.

An alternative to brass springs for this suggestion, would be using temporal gears instead of springs in the recipe, as they appear to be perpetual motion objects. This would eliminate the need to recharge the springs or the weapon and the need to implement brass springs in the game. 
Also, antique gears could be used instead of brass gears. This avoids adding new additional objects to the game.

If you want to increase the difficulty of obtaining the item, you could make it exclusive to the clockmaker, or make it require ancient blueprints.


Other materials: Wooden planks, Linen, Leather, Resin, and Iron or steel chains.

Possible necessary tools: Hammer, Chisel, and/or Saw.


Features and Functionality:

  • The weapon can fire a chain of up to 20 shots (20 loaded arrows), ensuring a continuous and steady flow of damage against tough enemies or large swarms of enemies.
  • Rechargeable springs provide the necessary energy for the firing mechanism. The efficiency and duration of these springs may decrease over time and use.
  • Automatic crossbows would be considerably heavy, significantly reducing the player's movement speed while using them.
  • Due to the size and mass, weapon movement would be slow, reducing accuracy. For solve this, you can build a wooden or metal support. However, this means that the weapon can only be used from one place since you cannot carry it while it is on the support
  • Recharging the springs would be a task that requires time and mechanical energy. The weapon also would wear out with use, requiring repairs.



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