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What minerals are you having issues finding? Copper and Tin surface deposit rarity can be changed in the generation settings when you create a new save.

If it's something else, e.g. Iron, you can modify the rarity by changing the files in "\Vintagestory\assets\survival\worldgen\deposits", the files are in JSON, which is a simple format used for data representation, not coding, so they're not too difficult to understand.

If you need help modding your game to be more enjoyable, hop on the Discord and I'm sure there will be someone willing to help you :)

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11 hours ago, Stumpy851 said:

I'm sorry...I thought I bought a game.....not a modding experiance.

The game is excellent if you're willing to give it the time, but is still under development, so not all configuration is available without a little digging. Fortunately, the devlopers have made it easier for us to do so, so you can modify these things if you wish.

Alternatively, if you're not happy with the game, I will refer you to the Refund Policy

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