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It would probably best to use exclusively use English on the forums, so all players can understand, the Moin can should stay, though.

38 minutes ago, Stephan Lauer said:


the handbook mentions the existence of uranium ore. What do you think, will this game sometimes include the technology and machines of the atomic age?

I doubt it. The developers only want to include medieval and maybe steampunk technology in the game and flesh those out as much as possible. I think the uranium will probably be used as either just another metal for tools, alloys and steels (since uranium found in nature is mostly the rather unspectacular and less radioactive U238, which can't be used for fission reactors). As adding uranium to iron/steel (producing an alloy called Ferrouranium) usually drastically lowers the smelting point in the real world, I could see it used as some high end castable alloy. Maybe it would spice up the early game, before forging, as a very rare ore to produce some of the best alloys in the game.

Another use I could see would be in steampunk nuclear reactors, could be a nice thing as an endgame goal for the type of player that loves engineering, when it would be made adequately complex to reflect that it is in fact a nuclear fission reactor.

Maybe there are also some story reasons for it existing. The world was somehow changed by some temporal anomaly and the appearance of this anomaly is stronger in the underground. What's also in the underground? Uranium ore. And a long time ago, there was a lot more of the much more radioactive and fissionable U235 which decayed into U238 over time. The temporal anomaly could maybe have reverted this, or actively revert this. This could be an explanation of the origin of the drifters Milbenmenschen, as they were once humans seeking refuge in the underground, explaining the frequent underground ruins, that used the glowing and warming green rocks known as uranium as a replacement for fire (no wood in the underground, obviously). Little did they know that the radiation emitted gave most of them cancer and the few that survived developed mutations, evolving by radiation accelerated evolution into the drifters we know today. 

For gameplay reasons, it would probably be more fun to make the useful uranium 235 to not be present all the time, but just during temporal storms in high temporal flux areas. To harvest it as a powerful resource the player would need to take a huge risk and drive deep underground at the most dangerous time to do so to harness the most dangerous material, which sounds like a very fun way to get an endgame material.

But most probably Tyron just added it because he thought it would be cool and he would probably come up with some uses later 😄

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