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  1. Erik

    Armor 2.0

    Exactly, no one crafts early metal armor right now. Making early metal armor even more useless, by having its frequent repair also be a resource sink is therefore a bad idea. But having early metal armors last without huge resource investments and them having relatively good stats may actually still not be enough to have people use them, as people can shoot through the metal ages very quickly, like you describe, but it would at least give some more incentive.
  2. It doesn't, that is not the point of the system. I mean, with your system of metal shavings from voxels, the metal cost used for casting could still be adjusted to match the cost of smithing. Likewise, I could adjust the metal cost required for casting to be higher, to make smithing better without touching itemstats. It isn't something that is uniquely tied to the shaving system. Personally I think giving forged items a stat boost like more durability would be a better thing than a lower material cost, since such a system is bound to be introduced anyway, when quenching and tempering are intro
  3. I don't even see why such a metal shavings system is even needed, we can already have "partial ingots" via metal value in crucibles or in a bloomery. Having voxels represent actual metal value doesn't seem so fun to me, as it introduces a bit of micromanagement, when I feel like a plate or chain being worth (and able to be remelted into) two ingots is simple and effective. The only thing that's missing is smelting recipes for iron/steel that produce iron bloom and for the tool heads. There is only one slight limitation that should be removed: When I want to remelt my arrow heads, I can't jus
  4. Erik

    Armor 2.0

    Refitting tier to just durability damage is an option, but I don't think it is the best one. Taking the quotient of the tiers would mean that differences of lower tiers are making more durability damage than differences of higher tier. Tier 5 to tier 4 is just a durability damage multiplier of 1.2, while tier 2 to tier 1 is a multiplier of 2. That would mean that higher tier armor would last significantly longer in general, especially when the better materials also have higher durability, as the system still lacks some form of anti-armor. I don't think tying the armor balance to the cr
  5. It's certainly an idea that has been discussed a lot of times already: For me, my general opinion on this hasn't really changed, constantly having to sharpen weapons seems like a huge tedium. Furthermore, the whole idea of a weapon becoming dull is kinda hurting combat, as fights will drag on over time, rather than getting more deadly the longer they go (which is something that could be archived with armor effectiveness scaling with durability, which while potentially having the same tedium problem, would actually be an improvement to combat gameplay). I'm all for a repair system, b
  6. Erik

    Armor 2.0

    Well, your right. But it could easily be fixed by adding an armor bar on the hud like in Minecraft. The bar would need to be split into three sections, representing the different armor pieces, but generally it would be something easy to implement and for the players to understand that practically fixes the issue. This is also a valid concern. After all, I think having tools and weapons effectiveness scale with durability is a terrible idea. But I think armor getting this doesn't have to cause other things to get this treatment too, I mean clothing already kinda has this very feature ri
  7. Erik

    Armor 2.0

    I feel like the current armor system needs some work, currently it is very convoluted: We have different damage types, flat damage protection, percentage protection and damage/defense tiers, high damage tier resistance. What do damage types do? Currently nothing other than effect how much durability clothing loses when hit. What does tier do? A lot of things, effecting durability loss, being an important factor in the damage equation, etc. Is flat damage protection subtracted before or after percentage protection? Before percentage protection. So flat damage prote
  8. When combat will be improved there will definitely be some sort of blocking/parrying implemented. This however poses a problem: How to prevent the player from hiding behind his shield forever? The answer would be something I abstractly call a combat endurance system. The most straight forward solution may just be to have blocks not block all the damage, but to only reduce it. This however either makes blocking useless when the health cost is to high or makes it overpowered when it is too low, letting the player still hide behind the shield forever. This balancing problem is es
  9. Honestly, I'd be happy with any update, but find it sad that there is no worldgen update listed. I suppose the ocean update would be kind of a worldgen update, but it probably won't include such important parts as rivers (which I suppose would be somewhat needed for waterwheels), ridged noise, deeper underground, maybe chunk column offsets and new kinds of flora. It would make sense to put all the big worldgen features into one big update to not potentially break (seamless) world compatibility in multiple updates. The Lovecraftian update seems like a really cool story update and I'm very
  10. I'm really unsatisfied with the current mining experience. It's basically like minecraft, where there's little patches of ore everywhere and mining infrastructure is useless. Prospecting only tells you, if a chunk has many ores or few, which isn't overly useful, since the most useful ores are also the most common. I would rather prefer a Terrafirmacraft like approach, with better prospecting (Prospecting in TFC is very difficult to get into). Veins would ideally be generated like the Reasonable Realism mod (very long, thin veins). Prospecting should tell you if there are ores beneath in a
  11. This simple mod makes the weapons appear bigger in first person. The swords are 2.3 times bigger and the spears are 4.6 times bigger than normal. The spears also has new 64x-textures with a bigger handle, to appear longer rather than thicker. Download: See attached files. Installation: Extract the zip file in your VintageStory folder. Make sure it overwrites the old files. BigWeapon.zip
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