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Run the temporal cog thingy when sleeping on a bed


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When mining you will quickly add up "temporal debt" or however you call it.
A temporal storm means standing on a dirt pillar for several minutes.

In a "stable area" it took 7 minutes to fill up 50% of that cog so you basically go AFK for that long.
(at a mine I tried to fill the time with cutting wood / making charcoal but that doesn't take very long)

In both cases the gameplay of standing there waiting for several minutes is not exciting or rewarding.

In a single player game, sleeping on a bed in should turn that temporal cog so it can be used to pass time during a temporal storm or fill up that cog so that you can continue mining.
Of course you should be smart enough to be sleeping in a safe location, just like sleeping isn't a great idea when you're starving.

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