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  1. Either way you put it you're dealing with a can of worms of varying player expectations. That's why I made the suggestions specifically for tool heads. Simple, useful, and no arguments.
  2. Hold Alt and click or double click that screenshot link in the chat window. Then you should see.
  3. Gazz

    Healing Efficiency

    But that's exactly what I mean. In combat it should be quite hard to "quickly undress, heal, and dress again". Making the UI "laggy" to achieve that can not be the way. This is what my suggestion would streamline. If you hit something (or get hit) while wearing armor with a Healing Efficiency of -50%... then you get this debuff, giving you those same -50% for say, 10 seconds or however long works - regardless of wearing armor. Out of combat heals always work at 100% because it is assumed that you take the time to peel off that armor first. Then gear switching can be quick and crisp but "combat heals" are done at a penalty. Forced UI lag is still UI lag and that's never a good thing.
  4. Right now the way Healing Efficiency is implemented causes a lot of micromanagement (the Barbie dressing game) - and it does not have to. The way I understand the purpose of Healing Efficiency is that you should not be able to quickly and cheaply heal up in combat. How I would design it: Being in combat (getting hit or hitting other entities) creates a timed debuff that applies the Healing Efficiency. When the timer runs out you can heal at normal efficiency. If you do heal in combat anyway you accept the loss knowingly.
  5. Hmm. I'd need a much bigger hotbar to reserve space for that and even then the game would constantly fill those slots up with whatever is picked up. A more likely scenario is that you Shift-click armor into the inventory (like when you want to heal up) and then you have to equip it from there. I would also suggest a different approach on handling Healing Efficiency but this topic is not the place for it.
  6. In my current game I have large tool racks of bronze tools and weapons, 18000 units of bronze in crucibles, ready to re-heat and cast, and a pile of about 70 ingots. Plus plenty of ore to make more. In case of war, I guess. I'm just saying that with the current system it's perfectly possible to pile up completely unreasonable amounts of metal. Now what I _did_ do is create a mod to re-balance the ores. Not a flat increase (there is a game option for that) but weighted to predominantly increase the "rare" ones. Still a lot of work traveling and prospecting but it's a... bigger needle in a haystack. I hear you on accessibility. Ingame documentation / guidance is sketchy at best and item descriptions (like on the hammer / propick) that could point out special features and controls are sometimes completely missing. (I know, it's alpha and that's not at all the focus)
  7. This was certainly improved in 1.12.11 but here is another: I suggest that empty armor slots should be the preferred target for armor items. Right now they default to switching between backpack and tool belt and that makes putting on armor a bit harder than it should be.
  8. Smelting (used) tools is a balancing consideration so I wouldn't go there. The not-yet-attached metal tool heads, however, are basic inventory items. If I can cast it for 100 units, I should be allowed to smelt it for 100 units.
  9. There is macro software like Autohotkey. It does hotkeys but also text replacement. If I want to place a "no ore here" waypoint on the map I type "//zero" and on the chat line appears... /waypoint add darkblue ---
  10. When mining you will quickly add up "temporal debt" or however you call it. A temporal storm means standing on a dirt pillar for several minutes. In a "stable area" it took 7 minutes to fill up 50% of that cog so you basically go AFK for that long. (at a mine I tried to fill the time with cutting wood / making charcoal but that doesn't take very long) In both cases the gameplay of standing there waiting for several minutes is not exciting or rewarding. In a single player game, sleeping on a bed in should turn that temporal cog so it can be used to pass time during a temporal storm or fill up that cog so that you can continue mining. Of course you should be smart enough to be sleeping in a safe location, just like sleeping isn't a great idea when you're starving.
  11. Thank you. That worked. I had tried to place it in water but that only replaced the water block...
  12. In a completely different Discord channel someone revealed the secret. You have to press F.
  13. When a crock contains rotten foot it will eventually turn into an empty crock automatically. With a bowl there is no timer displayed and I found no action that would empty it. (well, eating that "food" empties the bowl but... that's yucky =))
  14. Still not working in 1.12.9 stable... or missing a critical piece of instruction.
  15. Gazz

    That One Game

    Master of Magic, Magic Carpet, Bard's Tale 1, UFO/X-Com, Civilisation 1, Gunship 2000, Wasteland, X3. There can't be just one game.
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