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ABC - Always Be Chiseling


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Just my chiseling suggestions (not sure how good or bad in terms of realism):

- planing - be able to remove a plane of desired thickness
- mirroring - mirror mode for scuplting, both sides of axes sculpted at once (probably not good from "realism")
- rotation - be handy to rotate on vertical and horizontal
- copying - some sort of copying mechanic,
      - pantographs possibly a pantograph type of thing? Obviously needs some sort of cost.
      - molds be make your blank out of clay, smelt with beeswax or something and then fill with metals?
      - stamps & dies would work well with helvehammer - chisel an iron template some how put under helvehammer, add some heated ingots and get something out
- tools
     - for added realism maybe the different chisels to access different resolutions, like a copper chisel can only go down to 4x4 or something, bronze 2x2, iron 1x1?
     - lathes? Could be an interesting subset of chiseling. Could also be a fun accessible way for people to make something interesting looking if they aren't into sculpting
- painting - opens up a huge can of worms programming wise i'm sure, but such potential, right down to scouring the world for custom dyes (probably helpful for tailoring etc as well) Royal purple? Find enough seashells. Everyone will have reds, blacks, and browns from all the berries and easy to get stuff. Probably black is doable. White - heh I know for modern inks a key component of white is titanium.
ambient occlusion - when chiseling i find most of the features are lost in the texture. A baked dirt map highlighting the subvoxel corners would really make things pop. Heck maybe like you make a clay statue(or others) you can fire it to get the details - so the server isn't trying to generate the dirt map until your piece is "done" and then while it's curing the dirt map can be generated slowly. If i could magically choose one feature it would be this (or copying, painting heh)
- makers marks - might be interesting, basically you're calling the piece "done" and it can be given to someone as an uneditable piece (without fortifying it in place)

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Maybe set the resolution limit? Like 1x1 is usually quite excessive and is it an 8x more resources for every level? Like really 4x4 sub voxels is sufficient for most things that aren't like micro detail statues or something and i find they even kind of look off in game.

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