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    QPTECH v1.3

    Thanks for the kind words! Yeah i don't like padded videos either, especially if it's supposed to help with something specific. (Also makes it easy to record and not have to edit) But maybe i should put a dubstep 3d intro on my videos though...
  2. Where do you get the trader summoning thing? Also will drifters drop temporal gears still?

    QPTECH v1.3

    QPTECH 1.3 should be coming out today, i've also started a new YT channel for QPTECH and started adding tutorial videos: QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    Haven't been posting here, mostly on discord. Here's a sneak peek at the electric crucible (Will take in nuggets & ingots, and can set to output various ingots, including alloys if the appropriate metal is provide...and the appropriate heat can be reached) It will be a multi-block structure, though I think i will be able to allow for customization, like changing where the material in/out goes, and eventually upgrading heaters and such.

    QPTECH v1.3

    It does its own thing right now, not handling the game's panning recipes For recycler my bulk processing crucible i'm working on may eventually handle recovering metal stuff. But a lot of people really aren't going to run QPTECH anyways realistically, so mods that just do a few things like that will definitely be in demand! (QPTECH does kind of go against what most people play VS for I find)

    QPTECH v1.3

    Thanks so much! Really need to get to making a rotation wrench tool. LOTS more to come

    QPTECH v1.3

    Ah the generators are not actually outputting to there - it doesn't have power. Break that generator at the bottom and the go like "behind" it from the screenshot, and turn around and place it in the spot, making sure you are facing those wires. Also the washplant will attempt to insert stuff into a container below, which doesn't look like you have - it will spill items on the ground instead. Hopefully it works!

    QPTECH v1.3

    Can you send a screenshot of your setup? That sounds right. Also sometimes helps to break and replace the wash plant.
  9. I've spent a week trying to sort this out, I just want to take a texture and apply it to something in code (OnTesselate) I can't seem to find the right way to do this, just need to look up a specific texture and apply it to my model, I think this might be on the right track, but the texture is all white (atlasBlock is a block that references all the textures I need,) ITexPositionSource tps= capi.Tesselator.GetTexSource(atlasBlock); TextureAtlasPosition tap = tps["roundgauge-30"]; meshdata = meshdata.WithTexPos(tap); (I can get it to work if my class implements ITexPositionSource with that "roundgauge-30" texture name, and using the same atlasblock)
  10. QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    Version 1.2.1-pre.1 Rebalancing release: - cheaper crafting recipes in general - improved machine output flow (eg: 2 ingots into press, yields plate, which can be fed into the rod machine to yield 5 rods, each rod can yield 12 screws in screw press, so you can now get 30 screws from an ingot) - preview builds of the motor and generator - electrical and mechanical power together! Please test in creative and provide feedback in the discord! Motor - electricity to mechanical power Generator - mechanical power to electricity - no you can't hook a motor to a generator and have them power each other Thanks to Novocain for making the models, and getting the code working! (one issue is on load the generator would have to be re-placed, i'm sure there are many other issues that will pop up!) - better descriptive text in many places - pipe bending machine - 2 plates yields 3 chute sections - batteries, junctions, and wires can handle a lot more power - new junction graphics, thanks Andy! - you can now make bronze plates in the plate press- tin wire is being deprecated, you can now use copper in all the machines
  11. QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    1.1.5 is out! https://mods.vintagestory.at/qptech Version 1.1.5 - tweaks and balancing - cheaper recipes in some cases - 2x motors now require single motors. - metal plate press can now make bronze plates - added bronze wire pull plate (needs a quick fix) - increased Kitchen Cabinet storage to 20, also increased wood cost - copper wire now usable for wireplates (will probably phase out tin wire) Been doing a survival play thru from scratch which has been super helpful. Some hot tips: Don't rush to tech, try and get a helvehammer at least, don't neglect the base game setup. Once you have some iron, and a decent supply of bronze and copper then start
  12. QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    1.1.4 for VS 1.15.1 is now out! Added the handy Electric Kiln, and changed electricity defaults to allow devices to accept power top & bottom.
  13. QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    Glad you figured it out - eventually i'll git gud at UI stuff and hopefully have more helpful in-game info than the programmer diagnostic output
  14. QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    The new version is up! You'll also have to update the QPTECH API
  15. QPTECH

    QPTECH v1.3

    Yes i plan on updating it for 1.15
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