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Steam Engines


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I would like to see steam engines in the game later on.

Engines to create power for a factory ,conveyor belts..A bit like factorio but on a very early stoneage theme.

Water pipes to send water to the engines and lots of coal and wood to power all the pumps and heat your homes and factories etc.

Chances of steam pressure blowing up engines and breaking down

Endless ideas with steam and water

Steam i think would fit well in this beautiful game


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I like this idea as well, I do think one of the next areas of content should be some kind of more dependable form of power.

I think that while steam or water are defiantly very popular ideas they are also ideas that have been done before and there is a real opportunity here to do something fresh and new and more importantly lore friendly to the game!

I think that a very cool idea would be to start to develop temporal power sources using temporal gears as a power source and or a resource that would be innovative and lore friendly.

Imagine creating a engine that includes temporal gears to turn it for power or allows the player to break down those gears to create  a resource called temporal dust that can be used as some kind of power source.

what if we could find blue prints in ancient ruins that started to show us how to build devices that would allow us to harness and collect temporal dust or energy from the storms to power our devices? We could then use thease devices to not only create safe areas in the world but also collect resources used in the creation of power? Player based spawn controle. power,  lore and friendly? Instead of a device that doesnt allow driffters to spawn within a certian distance we can create a device that when they spawn within a certian distance they are teleported to a pylon that instantly relocates them to there proper place and time and in so doing harvests some temporal dust that can be used to power another device created by the player. we can now get lore friendly spawn control that makes sense and has purpose, It would also be fresh new and somthing that nobody has seen before.

I have already found journal entries that describe a disease that cant be stopped or others starting to create a picture of what started to happen to a society of people that existed before. Even though many of these illustrate the hopeless nature of what happened perhaps we can find some areas and information from folks that found ways to diminish the damage by altering the effects of temporal instability or even harnessing energy from temporal storms diminishing them and healing an area. Perhaps we could find blueprints or instructions like puzzle pieces describing how to build devices that allow us to both provide tech and heal the land responsibly?

Even though the lore  and "tech" we locate in our explorations may have not been enough on its own in that particular location  to reverse the cataclysm that happened, maybe if we can find enough of it and combine it we can start to do something to heal our world from the Temporal instability and drifter Blight?

I see the disease that creates the drifters to be tied to temporal instability or time. Imagine somthing happening to a person that on the surface looked like they were simply wasting away. It would appear that they were being ravaged by a disease that no one could seem to find a cure for. But what if in reality that person some how had a temporal seed or rift some how attached to there life thread in the universe that left them out of sync within there current time line and rushing forward very rapidly but never able to truly die from old age but simply rot and become a empty shell of there former exsistance destined to live out all of enternity in this diminished capacity forever until somehow this rift or localized instability could be fixed or resolved, corrected? What if there was a protagonist that was at the heart of this and we could work twards defeating it only by understanding it and developing tech or AKA magic devices to combat it.

Maybe our race is immune to the temporal disease and the only way this protagonist could defeat us was to manipulate time for us and scatter us all to the worlds he has already ravaged. Dooming us all to continuly reset and start over and over again in evirons among the ruins of worlds and civalizations he has already destroyed?

What if given the nature of time or temporal issues we could start to see things change in the world around us as time was corrected in a area of the world that we were working in? An example could be that we find a area of the world that is unstable and we locate what is the center of the distirbance we build devices that heal the temporal instability in the area and a tower appears whole with even more clues and lore or tech that we can use, maybe even spawning in Living breathing NPC's that appear confused not knowing where they have been but happy to be back with new things to trade or quests to accomplish.

the lore idea for this game has truly incredable implications. Concider this. If you find a source of ore iron or resource salt and you harvest it. Its gone but you have descoverd a way to build a device that creates a localized zone of temporal instability that runs time in that area forward or backwards slightly? Well you could place one near a garden to grow crops faster or in a depleted mine to slowly roll back to a time where the ores exsisted to harvest them all over again:) the poasabilities are endless:) How bout a temporal grenade that rolls back or forward  time by 5 to 10 mins:) Wild I know but somthing to think about.

The fantastic nature of the lore that is already in place is that it hasn't been seen before and can be techie and magical at the same time.

There are so many posts already about people who desire some kind of magic system and those that want more real mechanical systems in place.

this idea could serve both camps.

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I love your thinking and yes it fits well,

Maybe start next with steam and metal cogs and gears ...Like the steam age...Lay tracks and build little engines that can move a couple of small trailers at first ,But you're having to stop for water and coal at certain points so as to make you build little depots which you can stock with coal and water...

Or maybe Drill a water well with a steam engine on your route ..it may take you 10 game days to strike water on your route or maybe its to dry (you should have tested the ground to see if it holds water)

Your idea has a nice story line to add to the story this game has already

I really do like your idea but want the game to move on slowly with the tech. ( i love the enjoyable grind of this game)

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Me too. I think that what I enjoy most getting to the point where you are pretty efficent and well established and then can find time to explore and find lore items and story related items.

I think it would also be fun to see some kind of lore related quest lines or tasks that would lead the player to discover more about the history of there world and of the temporal problems currently.

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