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  1. SO I found that if I plant pumpkins in a way where you use cobble or any none soil block on the corners of a tilled tile you can increase yields x o x o p o x o x The pumpkin vines tend to travel north south east and west in long runs so keep them 5 to 6 blocks apart. I generaly put my tilled block three away from a water source block cover it with a chisseled cover and then put in my solid blocks around my tilled tile. hope this helps. on average im seeing a solid 4 pumpkin average per plant in this pattern often with 5 or 6 pumkins per plant. pumpkins can and do grow on the non soil blocks but when the vines grow in long runs rather than bunching up all around the main plant when flowering they tend to have more places to drop fruit.
  2. So the more that I play the game the more I am really starting to see that this really needs some attention. I dont have a problem with the rairity of silver and gold in fact if the player can find quartz you are almost assured to find at least some silver and or gold within it somwhere. The problem I have is that you literialy have to mine massive amounts of quartz to obtain enough gold and or silver to produce liners. Its just not fun. a single gold ingot should be all one needs to supply at least 10 lamps with liners 2 ingots of the primary to make a lamp and 2 more that are not nearly as abundant in the world to increase its luminosity is not feasable. Really would love to see a dedicated lamp liner recipie that is made from a single ingot of gold or silver that produces multiple liners for lamps. I really think a minimum number would be 4 to 6 liners per ingot would be a great start.
  3. I think that when they start to add more advanced automation and or tech to the game it should come from schematics that are found in the ruins. the Tech for thease new automation blocks and or prosseses should be some how tied to the civilisation that left them or came before. It should tie in with the drifters and the temporal gear and or translocaters and maybe even help tell the history of this ancient lost civalisation. It would be cool to also have the brief journal entries and or storys that we find somtimes referance other cords to other ruins. You could then lead a player to a series of locations telling a story and the history and lore while rewarding them with tech advances that help with advancing the automation and ease of survival. Create a reason for the player to finaly locate the lost main city or some such location of the ancients and finaly find out what happened to them!
  4. I Think its fine as well. I like to build spawn drop structures with hoppers at the bottom and find that you can even skip farming for flax. you can end up on a daily basis with about 1 to three temporal gears 8 to 12 regular gears or coin and between half and a full stack of flax fiber in a 24 hour game day its quite nice:) save the Preta for some other crop:)
  5. It would and my thought would be to simply add a location or two that changes randomly along with there other stock for only a certain radius around that merchant listing cords for ruins loot or ores. It would definatly provide an additional tool to find resources that might be difficult and time intensive to find! While trade is nice as is I do not really find it compelling enough to regularly viisit merchants or interact with them now. So this could also provide additional intreractions with them and help make them a more interesting find and or location to visit. After all most traveling merchants and or trade caravans in the past were also a valuble source of not only goods but information as well.
  6. would it be posible to concider a second or third growth stage for certain types of trees? I was looking at some of the trees I had planted and once they grow thats pretty much it they are what they are. some trees grow well and have many more logs in them than others and some not so well. I was thinking if I let them just be or prune them a bit it would be nice if they had one more growth stage say double the current growth time and give them a second stage to become old growth or ancient versions that were the larger varients?
  7. I think it would be a wonderful Idea to alow the player to move the translocators so we could start to set up a transfer hub as we find them. end game it is going to be very important to be able to travel vast distances quickly to remote areas where obscure minerals and or ores are located not to mention diferent stone and biome resources for large resource intensive construction projects. concider also when seasons will be added. It might be nice to live in a biome in the north but when winter hits have a fast travel to a warmer climate where farming can still be available in the winter?
  8. was out prospecting for Halite the other day and thought to my self man this is rough after taking about 70 or so samples in a limstone desert I thought Does the game know where the deposits exsits? I wonder if it would be posible to create a trader that was a prospector? I wonder if it would be posible to allow him to sell cords to various deposits in the way of papers that had the mineral or ores listed and then cords including all the x.y.z ? You could increase asking price for the more rare minerals and or ores. This could solve a real problem for some folks who are exspressing a need for a better or less difficult prospecting system and alow players that dont particularly want to spend hundreds of hours looking for a specific deposit such as salt. Perhaps all traders in addition to there regular role could also sell prospecting papers for ores and minerals within a certian range of them specificaly? creating even more of a reason for player interation with them as well?
  9. I love that we now have cooking and and all in the game but I have a suggestion. Id like to see a system where anything added to the cooking pot not just set recipes would result in meals. Example If I wanted to add rice to my meat stew with onions and black current berries I could. If I wanted to prepare a chicken with battered spelt flour parsnips with cranberry garnish I could:) To this end I see only a couple of issues first there needs to be a texture selected for the resulting dish my proposal would be to render or select that texture from only the first two ingredients added to a pot. Second there would have to be a rewrite of how the recipes currently work. I think there really shouldn't be recipes but simply the sat value of the current foods in the dish. and the label for the dish would be tied to the first slot. water is a soup protein is a stew grain is a porridge honey is a jam fruit would be a chutney which when prepared could be used as another ingredient in a advanced meal. I would like to see two more secondary slots added to the pot for herbs and seasonings. Adding Herbs and seasonings or chutneys would add health bonuses and or temporary increases or buffs to health mining speed run speed etc. In addition I also think that the cutting board needs to be added to provide a sandwich station and should work in much the same way. There is very little reason to produce bread at this point it spoils to fast to keep for long and by its self doesn't provide enough oomph for sat values. Its only value is that it stacks for journeys and exploration trips. All food items placed in the first two slots set the texture and Type with seasoning slots for herbs and additional flavorings, salt pepper oil vinegar. So my proposal would really mean that the dishes would render based on the first two slots used and the type of dish would be called from the primary or first slot Sat values would be the totals of all ingredients and the benefits and or buffs added from the seasonings and herbs slots. Salt or sugar could provide a sat value multiplier for example. So in my first example Meat , Rice, onions, Black currents. Meat is the first ingredient so this is a stew. Rice is the second ingredient so meat and rice or a grain are used to show the texture of the meal. and finally if I were to add salt to a seasoning slot it would double the sat value of the resulting meal. Instead of set recipes we would now have a system that could render and calculate proper sat values for anything we put in the pot or between two slices of bread or soup!
  10. Id Like to see maybe not a so traditional magic system in the game but a "magic" none the less. To a primitive person a cell phone would seem like magic and we already have an example in game of a wonderful story and a strange new "magical" Item seemingly from a long lost ancient civilization "the temporal Gear". Its a wonderful interesting device that has the power to set your spawn. But is that all it does?....:) I think the original story and the line on which it is based just needs to be expanded upon and a magic will happen. One of the things I enjoy the most about the game is not the realism but the exploration of the ruins and world around me and the struggle to not only survive but thrive and to slowly over time develop through hard work and effort a experience that becomes both easier and more advanced over time. I would love to have more reasons to chase the ancients and learn more about how they lived and how their technology was used and be able to apply it directly to my survival experience. If the tech progression was done right it could be alien and strange and wonderful and seem like a wonderful kind of magic indeed! Anything that can or would immerse me even more into the back story. A world rediscovered full of dangers and exciting history of lost culture and wonders would be absolutely amazing! That Kind of magic already truly sets this game apart. It needs the Lore , the exploration the Discovery and with that its own magic can and will happen. Its already a truly magical and wonderful experience!
  11. I was thinking today how the temporal gears or old world tech has the power to set ones spawn point. What if the temporial power could be used to do ther things ? Maybe incorperate temporial dust to power devices or to create a whole new tech tree based off of this ancient unknown energy source. temporal Gears could be ground up or for dust that could be used to empower items or act as a impulse to power switches or doors or plates. I know I know Ill say cinabar:) not the other thing:)
  12. Lamps are all ready very expensive and time consuming to make. I'd like to make a sugestion for the liners. Instead of it taking 2 whole ingots of gold or silver to make one plate that becomes a liner for a lantern. How bout making an actual recipe for lamp liners. one silver or gold plate and a set of shears in the crafting grid and the player gets 4 gold or silver liners to use when crafting lanterns. of course the plate would no longer be usable as a liner as we would have actual foil or thin lamp liners to now craft with. the over all expense of crafting lanterns in both time and respources is already pretty high. This would make crafting top tier lanterns a little more reasonable I think. after thought. so recipe would be two step. silver or gold plate set of shears in the crafting grid gets player 4 small plates of silver or gold which ever one was used. small plate of silver or gold and a hammer in the crafting grid gets the player a foil lamp liner of the material used silver or gold. small plates stack size 16 foil liners stack size say 32?
  13. Oh my that fixed every thing, ran it and light levels instantly normalized.
  14. I have built a drifter drop that works rather well It nets me a rather nice haul in fiber and gears when I bother to go check it. I wanted to do the same for rabits but turns out you have to skin them before they drop anything so landing them on a hopper over a chest from 30 blocks up doesnt work as well as it does on the drifters:)
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