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  1. I guess I am being overly critical. I do enjoy more of the game when you get to the point where you have put in the work and gotten to the point where you have your ore sources, you have your basic garden in and posibly a herd or two. Food is no longer a real issue and you can focus more on how your buildings look and what materials things are made from. I think that as more tech and more ways to make some of these task more efficent are released it will not only add content and more things to do but help to create more time for the player to focus on more of the things that they really enjoy doing. I do find myself somtimes getting a bit anoyed by things like kilns or skeps that have to be complely rebuilt and new materials harvested to rebuild them but if everything were easy I guess it wouldnt be the same.
  2. I would really love to see derigables and or balloon air ships added at some point I think that mode of travel would be Ideal for this game and fill the transport nich really really well.
  3. I really think the current system of having to checker board mine stone and undermine it to harvest whole blocks only to then have to polish it then slab it then mix it with quicklime to create bricks is rather annoyingly long and to tedious. I wish we could simply use a chisel to create polished stone that then when mined would remain a polished stone block to do with what we want then chisel it down to slabs and bricks or leave it as is. The idea here is to remove something of a time sink that really dost need to be there and allow the player to really start to use more decorative blocks when building that really quite frankly dont get used just because its far easier to create cobblestone. Another idea that I think would be acceptable would be to add a recipe so that players could create the bricks not from slabs but with the stone bits themselves but I really think that allowing the player to simply use the chisel to create a polished stone in the world would be better. Just to be clear what Im asking for is a way to let us use the chisel on a rock face to create a polished stone in the quarry location we can then mine it like normal to get into our inventory as an alternative to doing the crazy checkerboard mining shuffle. This would just decrease the time to get this resource and make it more friendly to use more of it in construction. I already know that there are those that are going to jump all up in arms about this but maybe we could simply add this as a mod or a option for those that would like this? Thank you for your consideration and feed back.
  4. I know that the current Vintage story crowd is pretty loud and proud about the realistic state of the game and I know that there are a lot of very avid supporters to continue to push this to even greater heights. But I wonder if there aren't a few out there like me that wouldn't mind really developing the temporal and drifter lore to add in a bit of alien-like mystical magical like mad science:) I really think there is a wonderful opportunity to get a little wild and crazy and create some wonderful funky tech-based off the lore and temporal aspects of the game. If you could also make the discovery through exploration of ancient ruins to discover blueprints teaching the player how to construct some of these weird devices and how to power them it could be a truly fantastic addition. Some Ideas would be how to create a pole or antenna that draws in negative temporal energy and maybe another device that when hooked up to it could then store that energy like a battery to be used to power even more devices? Maybe we could have an incentive for correcting temporal anomalies and get really wild and crazy with how the land might change as a result of correcting an area or bringing it into balance. I mean, after all, Minecraft has Redstone. I think there is an incredible opportunity to develop something in vintage story that also allows us to bring a wonderful whimsical almost magical element to the game without simply throwing out the realism to date. Why not consider allowing something in like this? I mean what the hell is a temporal Gear? what are drifters who are We? all of these things are already in the game and we accept them Can this not be built on as well? I think that instead of detracting from the realism these things could be used to plausibly inject some believable alternatives that could help to flesh out the world and its tech tree and create somthing believable and enjoyable and truly unique! Just wondering if others feel like expanding in this direction would go against the grain or not. Feedback welcome please share your opinions!
  5. I see lots of people moving to the tropics:) as well as collecting Preta LOL. I have been harvesting Swiss chard almost daily in my own garden and can have green beans daily if I wish right now. Swiss Chard is amazing as well as asparagus they grow well into and beyond the first frost and will both come up the next year if tented and the winter is mild. Kid you not. Ive got a row of chard about 20 foot in length and I can pick a packed plastic grocery bag full every two days right now. its yummmmmmy! Summer squash and zuchini is another amazing vegatable keeps growing all sumer long and has incredible yields. tomatoes some diced oinions and summer squash and or zuchini in a pan with some olive oil salt and pepper and you have a ragu to die for by mid summer I can walk outside and harvest enough of this daily to put on the table for a family of 6 with very little effort, an ocasional hour or so of weeding every week is all taht is required. I raise goats for milk and meat as well and there manure added to my garden every year means that I never have to worry about soil degradation. People seem to believe that gardening for food crops is some how difficult. IT IS NOT HARD OR really all that time consuming. The hardest part for most people is having the land or space to locate the garden and to provide water to the crops. If you think about it it is harder to work for the money to buy the gas to pay for a vehical to go to the store than it is to grow your own lettus tomatoes and vegtables and I'd argue takes more time as well when you add it all up. I would agree that certain crops that only yield anualy are more of a problem but it should not be all that difficult to feed ones self with delicouse produce in real life or this game. Some things Id like to see are the addition of ways to render fat, vegatables, olives seeds, for oil and fruit for vinagar and maybe the ability to tin preserved foods that would have a much longer shelf life. I have a pantry/celler with mason jars of canned vegtables that are 12 years old and still as good as the day I canned them. The art of preserving foods is an old one and its amazing today how little people understand about how this is accomplished. It is remarkably easy to maintain at least 1 to 2 years of tinned and preserved or canned meats vetables and dry goods. It is crazy how many people in this world would literaly be dead in 60 days from starvation if the stores were no longer able to stock because nobody I know accualy does thease things anymore. Heres another one we have two plum trees and two peach trees and between them both about two days out of the year we can harvest and can about 60 to 70 jars of preserved peaches and pulms, its insane. and every year at christmas we send jars to friends and family and they ask for them every year there that good.
  6. I am fine with RL as long as there are options no matter how difficult that allow for the player to eventually refine automate and make more mundane tasks more efficient, After all in our own lives we definatly have continues to refine manufacturing and production to the point that if I want a pick axe I can have one deliverd to my doorstep within 48 hours. I also appreciate the trying to keep it REAL. HowEver if there gets to be a slight issue when trying to figure out how to get to some of thease proccesses that help introduce tech you have to do a few things that arnt quite true to life I think your kinda going to have to make some sacrafices because lets face it is EVERYONE really going to want to play a game where every process is true to a real life processes and literaly takes as much time as well in game? There is already quite a few people Ive noticed talking about maybe a more casual game play that also includes some of the survival and exploration aspects of the game. Latly Ive been thinking that somthing that might really make the game explode and bring it to a much wider player base is to really work on a game mode with edited recipies and reduce crafting smithing requirments . an example might be to remove the voxel smithing and go back to the ingots directly from bloomeries. making recipies to create limewater or quick lime more one for one so that not as many resources are needed to produce more refined products. Including a easier way to make the brick stone types for building maybe include a chissle mode to convert regular stone directly into polished stone that can then be mined, things like that. Right now we have creative but survival and exploration are definatly requiring many hours if not days of game play before the player can really start to be able to see success and gain access to end game recipies and building. Might be nice to see a lite game mode where a player can achieve alot more in only a few hours of game play and transition more rapidly into a game where they can then focus on being creative with all of the blocks and items available. A casual mode if you will.
  7. That is welcome news I do think it should be difficult but I think its crucial to get some end game automation in because it becomes the pivot phase where the player then really feels rewarded and can then focus on asthetics and building exploring really making the world there own. there needs to be a natural progression and some escape from grind allowing the player to focus on large long term projects at that point.
  8. makes sense little further down the tech tree. Sure would be nice to eventually have some really serrous automation tech.
  9. awesome thank you so much. Do you know if the plan is to also allow the helevhammer to bang out thoes additional recipies as well? That would be awesome!
  10. Me too:) I do think that making this game like ether minecraft or TFC is not the answer but maybe a bit of both. not so real that it only caters to the Real life crowd but not so wild and crazy that things get stupid.
  11. Can you only make plates so far? and hammer out blooms? I can see the recipies for other tools but if I try and make them I simply get a worked ingot and not the finished tool.
  12. Well thats a bummer particularly if the comunity and development team are so dead set against automating things or finding ways to use game mechanics to do new and interesting things. I supose youl want to change how chickens lay eggs and how they interact with hoppers if I find that building a hen house on top of hoppers auto collects them and moves them to a celler automaticly? just for clarity I'd like to point out that many different people including my self do not just play games like this because it mirrors real life. I think that a lot of us including me play it for its whimsy and in my case trying to figure out how to do things from a engineering perspective that my be concidered odd or even just plain wierd. I would like to be able to use flowing water to move items and look forward to many mods or even game development that add all kinds of new and interesting ways to interact with environment entities and Items. If the game becomes one where there is nothing but grind micro managment and becomes somthing that mirros real life so closely it may no longer be fun. People play games to escape reality as well.
  13. I have to admit Im not a big fan of the change made to looting drifters. I much prefer the old way they droped any loot when you killed them rather than skinning them with a knife. Is there a way for me to change it back to the older format? I get it for hunted annimals but when your down in a big dark cave running for your life it can be a little time consuming and dangerouse to stand around for 2 or three seconds trying to skin a kill while others are still present or even spawning around you. I miss being able to use a dead drop with hoppers at the bottom to collect driffter loot as well since all items disapear when a drifter corpse decays now dead drops onto hoppers are pointless. I think that part of the alure on games like this are in finding ways to automate things. It is part of the fun. while this new mechanic is novel and well new I much prefer the way it ws before.
  14. could you work the ingots and produced items when they fall off the anvil to consistantly fall into a hopper place to ether side. I find that items that fall off the anvil dont always find there way into a hopper placed one block bellow and adjacent. It would be nice to be able to automatacly direct product to a chest.
  15. New block Temporal Chest crafted with a temporal Gear . Function when connected to other chests will provide auto sorting to them from its inteface and access to there contents from same . Could be allowed to work with hoppers as well. Not only would it then be possible for players to more reasonably manage large inventories but it could introduce new interesting ways in whitch players might automate certain production type activities. automated cooking for one. I think that a storage system is desperatly needed. To that end I would like to see the player be able to build a special block that when connected to a wall of chests could auto sort any items that the player drops into it to there respective chests on the wall. This goes hand in hand with implimenting Item Frames for chests. If the two concepts could be brought forward together the player could open the temporal block that is next to a chest that is connected or beside it would be concidered connected storage. You could impliment a maximum amount of chests that could be controled if you wanted and I would sugest that it be a standard chest size but instead of you accually placing items in it, It would show an item frame for the inventory of a connected chest. that way not only could the player use it as a sorting system and quickly dump and sort but also quickly access and draw items from the system as well. You could build in a set of several basic features that were customizable on the fly from within the the temporal chest that could set basic functions such as auto sort or only sort or store specific types of blocks so you could daisy chain sets of chests as well.
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