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Reducing clicking / long button presses

Feone Varen

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Having to hold the mouse still & pressing button for a longer time is a bit unpleasant, especially noticable when chopping down trees. Changing tree chopping to 'activate with a click' 'cancel with another click'  would alleviate that.

Having to do a lot of small clicks is also tedious, this is mostly noticable in clayforming and to a lesser degree in knapping (being able to sever chunks helped a lot there). Smithing has a similar situation though that requires a little more actual thought. It's really nice seeing your items take shape in the world but the process itself is basically just repeatedly checking/unchecking a box. I think it would be improved by adding an autopilot option that shapes the item one voxel at a time at a reasonable rate using a similar 'click once to start, click again to stop' control scheme.  Doing it manually using the area effect options should probably be a little faster and a toggle per world would be nice for those who prefer forcing the manual way.

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