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  1. I really like the Dynamic Trees mod as well, it really adds to the look of a Minecraft world and since trees get chopped down in their entirety in VS it would fit well. An option to have smaller shrubs and plants that just require a bit of soil would be cool to cover this, I personally don't really like leaves floating in random places where they wouldn't be able to grow. Large trees look nice so I'd love to be able to grow some near my builds. I don't like random restrictions on my sandbox. If it needs balancing some additional care/input from player and/or time would be fine. (Temporal gear + tree = huge tree, temporal gear + huge tree -> large dead tree of aged wood?)
  2. While downplaying security risks isn't a good thing we also shouldn't be exagerating problems. The reason this is an issue is because it allows some publicly visible information associated with the account to be used as a supposedly secret password, which makes it more likely someone could get into your account. It has nothing to do with leaking passwords, the information used as password in this case is already public.
  3. The Minecraft mod Little Tiles has stuff like this. I would absolutely love it if Vintage Story would adopt most of the features the microblocks of that mod have. Various options of turning them into custom storage objects, doors with varying movements, chairs, beds etc as well as using different materials within the space of a block.
  4. I feel like stone dropping gravel would just double the amount of blocks I need to break without any gameplay benefit. Weak spots sound like a fun idea. In general mechanics focussed on the ore blocks don't have much space right now, your time is mostly spent searching for ore. Out of the current options exploring caves to find veins is a lot more fun than blindly (even w/ propick) digging through rock. Additional mining mechanics would first require a different prospecting system + much larger ore veins I think.
  5. Installing mods can never be too easy imo. The best implementation I've seen so far is in OpenTTD, it has a built-in system that's really convenient and simple. (At least for the end user, I've never looked at the creator side there) If you want to play with mods in singleplayer or for your own server you can search/apply mods from within the game client, it supports collections you can easily switch between. When you load a savegame it'll automatically use whatever that game was started with without messing with your other settings. When you join a server it'll tell you exactly which mods you're missing for it and lets you download them all with a single click. Easy to use, no technical knowledge or annoying manual steps required, no headaches with manually having to use the right combination for existing saves (Cough, steamworkshop, cough) or other headaches that usually come with modded content. And if for whatever reason the content isn't on their main repository the game supports local content just fine, drop it in a folder and itll integrate with the regular system without any issues.
  6. Yea it's definitely much better than TFC, still kind of annoying to have to deal with the mobs though. Low light is also a major eye strain / headache inducing if you try to play through it anyway.
  7. The claims that letting us skip night will ruin the game (or has ruined other games) are really silly. The game mechanics make waiting the optimal strategy in a bunch of cases. Waiting is no fun and a complete waste of my time. This should be fixed. Sleeping through it is a really simple solution that will do that.
  8. Yea this is something that bothers me as well. Night time is just not fun, and skipping half a night doesn't solve that. When I'm looking to do stuff outside of the base and night time comes I just tab out of the game and go do something else, or stop playing entirely. I see no point whatsoever in a game feature that makes me just... sit around.. and... wait..... Night is awesome for ambience and it's fine when I have things to do in base, but for all other nights, especially right at the start of the game, it should be optional. Sleeping option(s) that let you skip the entire night should be around from day 1.
  9. Removing the /patches files worked, I haven't been able to get world presets working. I'm guessing there's an issue with the syntax somewhere but I can't find an example or an error anywhere.
  10. Ohh that's perfect, I'll be spending some time this weekend to play around with this.
  11. The surface deposit frequences appear to always override customized worldgen if you customize your world using the ingame options after modifying the json files. Would be nice to have the options to use a subset of the customization options like some of the presets. Slightly related, is there a way to create custom presets? (Survive and Build, Explore etc)
  12. I can imagine how much work it'd be to actually dive into all the different systems I've listed something on. Let alone designing/building them entirely. Also not forgetting graphics is definitely a good thing imo, it really adds to the immersion and flavor of the game. One thing I'd like to comment on is the difficulty you mention there. Personally I'm not a fan of how quickly you die. I don't really see this as difficulty either, it's not difficult at all to avoid dieing, but you do have to meticulously check behind every tree, bush and hill all the time which gets tedious fast. The quick deaths also don't leave much room for combat, you spam click in the general direction of the mob and hope they die first. Preferably though just fling arrows, spears or even rocks at them from a safe-ish distance. As a quick fix I'd rather see an large overal increase in toughness of players & creatures to make combat last longer, giving you some time to maneuver or flee would still make it hard to kill a mob, definitely not something you'd manage unarmed, but at least you have more options to flee or maneuver. If killing a mob takes more effort they could also be a bit rarer, and give significantly more rewards to compensate. That'd make hunting something a lot more memorable and an actual activity to specifically equip & go out for. For combat in general eventually I'd ditch the minecraft model entirely though, I've never found spam clicking in various forms particularly appealing. Then again I'm an avid (MMO)RPG player too so I'm fond of complicated combat systems.
  13. Some things I forgot Movement Swimming is a bit unintuitive. Worldgen & first impression: Tinkering with the rules of movement & adding functional elements to the world that Minecraft doesn't have at all may help set this game apart on the first impression. For example, climbing up/down smallish cliffs, 2-4 high ish? Streams cutting through rough terrain & means to navigate them; Sliding down slopes of non-rock? In general, adding different ways to move through the world will allow adding formations & features to the world that would be extremely inpractical/hard to navigate right now. Having unique world elements like that can give a very different initial impression and may make the world even nicer looking. Some other ideas that come to mind is using more slabs/partial blocks in gentler sloping terrain, maybe adding dense foliage or swampy areas that are actually hard or dangerous to traverse. Terrain that can't be crossed without acquiring equipment could also be used as a challenge to overcome.
  14. Hi! I've owned Vintage Story for about 20 days, I've averaged playing about an hour a day on singleplayer survival.I'm noticing my interest in playing is decreasing, while playing I took some notes on my experience so far and I'll share the various points here. A quick summary: I love: The terrain gen Casting metal How easy adding mods is I hate: Mobs & their spawning Ore gen I meh: Caves Knapping/clayforming Also keep in mind I've played minecraft for many years so the "erhmagerd I can build ANYTING!?" factor is a bit lost on me. My overal opinion: The game is definitely unfinished (as stated very clearly), despite that I think it's worth the price and I am happy to have supported its development. It's missing content but the world is quite beautiful and I've had fun playing it so far. There are also a bunch of things I really don't like, but with some more development I think this game has a lot of potential, I look forward to seeing where it goes. My views are currently based on playing a realistic climate bands world for about 7 hours, dropping it and playing on patchy climate for another 13. I've only gotten up to copper tools but did otherwise get into building and farming a bit. Below in no particular order random bits and pieces of feedback I've gathered so far, and below that some opinions on mechanics. Items are a bit slow in picking up, would be nice if they went into inventory faster and in a bit wider radius. Moving around the world would be more pleasant if 1-high ridges didn't require jumps. Throwing stuff doesn't follow the view line, bounces off blocks you're standing on, or are above you. Casting stuff is really satisfying. Inventory expansions with items still inside are a bit confusing, don't behave like other items/containers. Mobs sometimes seem to glitch inside blocks, thrown/shooting stuff phasing through them and generally a bit wonky during combat sometimes. Woodcutting on slopes seems to take really long, leaves maybe counting towards breaking timer, even in connected cannopies despite other trees not ending chopped? I bet I could fit more than 4 tools on a rack Mechanics: Knapping: Pretty cool at first, but not a fan, takes a while to knap something and especially axes and javelins need to be made over and over and over. There's nothing to get better at, no improvements to outcomes or time spent. Conceptually I like actually 'crafting' the shape, but in practise it gets tedious. I think this could be much improved if it was possible to just leave your character to make a pile of something while you grab a coffee, or if there were ways to improve the outcome/speed up the process by getting better at it. Clayforming is sorta similar in that regard. Cool concept, looks nice, but gets a bit tedious. Some tweaking could make it more fun. Mobs & spawning: Strongly dislike this mechanic, it's extremely shallow with the totally random placement. Drifters are a minor nuisance that mostly make night something to wait out early on, but are otherwise not particularly dangerous or rewarding. Wolves, and to a lesser degree hyenas are a massive pain, their high damage means overlooking one is death. Overlooking them is easy, behind a tree, behind a hill. There's so many of them spawning totally at random, and missing just one means dieing. There is almost no reward for killing them, they'll just pop back up behind another hill or tree and unless you're constantly extremely careful they will get you. My recommendation here is to go back to the drawing board and fundamentally rethink the system, as-is it's almost entirely a negative, it adds almost nothing to the game other than frustration. Casting: This is awesome, it's really pretty to look at and very satisfying. Ore spawns: Another mechanic I dislike, it takes the worst parts of both vanilla Minecraft and TFC and combines them into something worse than both. Ores are a huge pain to find and you need very specific ones (TFC) and when you do find them you get a tiny vein so you need to do it over and over (MC). This mechanic could also use a rethink, I think finding an ore vein should be difficult, but once you do find one it should be enormous. Building a bit around veins and knowing there's a substantial resource reward to finding them is one of the things I look back on fondly on TFC. Even better would be actual enormous 'build a whole damn dwarven kingdom by digging them out' style veins though. Give us a reason to build infrastructure around them, gives opportunity for deeper mechanics around mining and logistics in general. Heating stuff: Overal I like the mechanic, the fires look really nice and it's satisfying to get the results. Getting wood chopped is a bit of a pain due to how little durability axes have, but that's not really this mechanic. The one thing I would change here is smelting copper, due to the time it takes to get it up to temperature there's a bunch of waiting involved, but you also can't leave and do something else because it'll eat up your charcoal and cool back down. Would be nice if you could just turn it on, leave and get back to it later. Caves: Kinda meh, random minecraftish noodles. I feel like shallow cliffside dens for say hyenas or wolves, giant underground caverns and/or biomes could be used in various hostile mob mechanics to really add to the game, helping in replace the random spawning. Right now they're just kind of a slightly less annoying way to check for ores. I do like how the larger ones with lava look, very eerie. Modding: Awesome job, other than games integrated with massive systems like Steam (and even compared to some of those) I've never found it so easy. It's also nice to see that 'outdated' mods just tend to work. I definitely recommend the graveyard and waypoint utils mods. Recipe book / guidance: Nice to have ingame, could use some formatting, filtering and stuff. Overal good to have. Still missing some guidance on things to look for, strive for etc. Wiki helps a bunch.
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