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Is BlockLiquidContainerBase available via API v. 1.13.x?


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I wanted to add a clay amphora mod so the player is able to carry water before reaching copper age. After looking at the JSONs I figured out JSON editing falls short as adding class: "BlockBucket" tries to re-render the amphora block when water is picked up an basically turns it into an untextured bucket.

So I thought I'll just copy the bucket code without the rendering part. However I've ran into a problem with inheriting BlockLiquidContainerBase, seems like it's not available via Vintagestory.API, is that correct? The mod example use just a plain Block class, that I was able to find in the API docs, but I was not able to find BlockLiquidContainerBase even in the docs.

The hint monodevelop is giving me on the line with BlockLiquidContainerBase is to check if I'm missing a using directive.

Did I overlook something? Do I have to code / copy BlockLiquidContainerBase into the mod to make it work?

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