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  1. Melchior

    Armor mod

    Please put any further questions in the thread: Thanks!
  2. Temporary Recipes: The coat of plates has a leather vest (obscured by model glitch).
  3. There is an problem with the current version and Multiplayer servers. It should be fine for LAN usage and in Single player. Please report any issues here.
  4. I should also mention; This mod is Open-Sourced: https://pf.osdn.net/gitroot/m/me/melchior/bam.git Wiki/Manual eventually posted here: https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/bam/wiki/FrontPage
  5. So your intrepid explorer has fallen again to wolves/drifters/irate-ram. If only there was a way to give them better protection; The Basic Armour Mod. (V0.1.6) BASIC ARMOUR MOD *download* for VS 1.9.3+ This mod extends the basic gameplay with a straight forward implementation of players wearable armour. A Helmet and several Vests have been provided. Texture & Models created by: BunnyViking (aka Dr.Tenabrae). [Code by Melchior] This IS a Client & Serverside mod. It needs to be installed for ALL clients. Release Notes [0.1.6]: Fix suggested by Tyron; (works to prevent client crash)
  6. Indeed these are the same /waypoints from the MAP layer - but now right in the First Person Viewpoint! Slick, Fast, and Convenient. You'll wonder how you did without it before.
  7. The Adjustor Mod for VS 1.9.0+ A useful tool for builders that lets anyone who has it rotate slabs, stairs and other blocks without breaking them! Even from difficult angles - just hold the crouch key and the rotate controls are flipped (spin instead of flip up/down). Lets you place several types of slab-like blocks onto roofs or sides they would not otherwise go. Updated version; works better with V1.9.3: * Download Mod HERE * (Updated!)
  8. Related to Previous posts ; The new Ore location code will decide a strategy by ore count; a complex cluster finding algorithm for large deposits (+5), a simpler average for ~5 and for >= 1 ,- the actual location of the single block of ore. The Y-Axis values are the raw block position; not quite the same as the relative coordinates provided my map/tooltips/HUD (no offsets applied either). These are the ones shown in the 'stats' command, FYI.
  9. Cast spearheads. Yep.
  10. Short addendum on the new release; The actual shape/size of the search area may be kinda (unintentionally small) - it may be increased in a later version. It is a straight projection from the face of the rock mined NOT a 'bubble' like the Orascope command was. -- Mine the face TOWARDS the area you are interested in. (also this versions has NOT been tested in multiplayer - it should still work...) Also it DOES replace the "useless" percentages report of the old Prospecting pick...
  11. Am literally working on it now (Also possible V.S. bug!) The Prospecting Pickaxe will work; Differently... it will be MUCH more helpful; it may even draw a obvious line to the nearest ore deposit (if any).
  12. Was thinking of updating to add a "Ore Finder"; replacing the current function of the prospecting pick with a short range; 'Arrow' that shows visually the nearest deposit of any ore. A tool for 'Dummies' Anyone this this is a good idea?
  13. Exported, let me know if these are OK. builds.zip
  14. Fort Frosty; Trading post for Steppe / Tundra regions. Also; small idea - could traders have random clothes or trader specific garb? Question; is there a way to export a Blueprint / pattern for buildings ?
  15. This next one is a semi-recreation of my very first V.S. hovel. It worked as a sort of mini-fort/bulwark; the side trapdoors let me spear any lurkers that appeared each morning - while still offering some protection. I would see some kind of guard/sentry here - perhaps a basement armourer?
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