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  1. Quite a good idea; But - according to my research, AAB (Acetic acid bacteria) - actually NEED Oxygen to do their work. [Ignoring the need to have such a organism - already growing in/on the fruit, but sometimes they are found on 'damaged' fruit already...] And its usually; Sugar and/or Ethanol that is converted to Acetic Acid. (The more the better) Exemplary mod BTW.
  2. It should be compatible with most versions - post V1.10 (possibly not V1.12 - since it uses the old style recipe format), mabey I should update it...
  3. This mod; ORASCOPE is kaput, finito, an ex-mod, gone to the sing with the digital choir eternal, finished and resting eternally. I did not say there couldn't be a SEQUEL in the works...but I'm working on a few other things at the moment, and won't commit to any estimate.
  4. Note: removing / uninstalling the mod while a bloom or crucible is working - will cause a client crash!
  5. You may need to update that list a little: -Smithing scraps are now in as a mod...
  6. Time to take back what is owed: Get them METAL (bits) Back when Smithing ! Warning: Pre-release is a buggy testing version, with so many bugs - you'll need an exterminator! Send Reports HERE! Metal Recovery Pre-Release | ZERO| {Debug edition} < Download
  7. Default is SHIFT + M
  8. What a neat critter! Well done.
  9. Ever wanted an Offline world scale map that is permanent? This mod offers that, it is fully client side - works on any MP/SP VS install of at least version 1.12. Preview-Release 7.1 *DOWNLOAD* Version History (PR7.1): FULL map Snapshots (VeryGoodDog's Very Good Work! ) Updated HTML5 map Small tweaks for POI/EOI handling POI & EOI Persisted to Tab Delimited text file (and binary data files) Small bugfixes This current version IN-DEVELOPMENT has some known defects, limitations, incomplete features and has lots of bugs! Don't install unless you like making crash reports. The C# code is mostly my own work - with VeryGoodDog making significant patches and changes. The dynamic HTML map is fully VeryGoodDog's work, address bugs to appropriate party... Known Issues: GUI is glitchy Note taker is buggy Metadata reload isn't totally reliable (across version especially) Rainmap data is STILL used - results in gappy roads...[fix still pending] GUI panel has most controls (but not everything is configurable, yet) Scrolling in HTML map is W.I.P. Rock ratio not shown on map Legend yet... Working Features: Map shard metadata reload (height, weather conditions, rock-map) PNG file storage of metadata internally Giant PNG map exports Static HTML map, with Dynamic rendering from metadata JSON fixed TRANSLOCATOR tracking Merchant tracking
  10. A simple content mod that adds a almost imperishable foodstuff. The 'Hard-Biscut' (like hard tack, or ships bread). hardbiscut.zip
  11. Hidden loot, or even...a Mineral/Ore (physical item) map that is accurate at time of sale/issue. That would be worth some gears huh?
  12. A special flag present in (modinfo) / mod-system which has a very specific and important use: Any world created with that mod installed that has the special flag set [MANDATORY], (these are server-side code and/or content mods). WILL need it installed, and running to load that WORLD. A User facing message to the effect of: 'World "NAME" Requires Mod "NAME" Installed and functional - World loading cannot proceed without it!' Also tracking the mod's version - so that an older version is not accidentally used, mod-systems should handle version updates on their own. It is assumed VERY few mod-systems will ever use this special and powerful feature; ones critical to major features of a mod or mod-pack.
  13. Administrator's Toolkit It allows Administrators to force players to both read (or at least skim), server rules and conditions. Optionally this can also be configured to ENFORCE players agree to these rules. This works by changing a players default roles around - they become a 'guest' unable to place blocks until they issue a '/rules agree' command... It can list both online / offline administrators automatically, dynamically. It has a nifty automatic-backup sub-system that can keep rotating backups of the game world database. Its a SERVER SIDE ONLY mod. (clients need nothing extra) Admin Toolkit *DOWNLOAD* Version 0.3.4: Updated to be Compatible with VS 1.12.4 Using official API for server commands now...not the workaround code anymore. Fixed offline admin names not appearing Brief manual: Readme.md (link) While this mod has been tested - and should work for VS1.12 , VS itself is under constant revision and updates - so it may need to be upgraded for the next release. It will probably gain new features or capabilities as admins request these, and please comment in this thread about bugs, issues or requests. Source code: https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/admintoolkit/scm/
  14. This is my kinda mod!
  15. Forgot to update link AGAIN... https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/bam/files/
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