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  1. For now - AMR+ won't work with Helve-Hammers. It may work with some other mods that add new metal types, and other mods...well - it may not make SENSE to combine them; but it should NOT crash... (XSkills, Mystic-Metals... Not all possible types and combinations tested....there are hundreds of mods now! )
  2. Forgot to mention - there is a no-smthing economy version available too...
  3. an Instant Classic. Any thought given to use chosen game rules; like Free-Play (just move pieces around board as you like) Go Checkers Ect... Or even have rules from pre-defined configuration files, defining start/victory conditions and valid/invalid moves (assuming 2 player games). [Not AI - just computer enforced "correct" moves for players...sometimes the mouse slips and the wrong piece moves afterall ]
  4. Wow - Floating islands....makes one wish for GRAPPLING HOOKS & ROPE LADDERS.
  5. The Carbon-Copy utility, a Client side mod. It makes offline standard VS export format files, dumps lists of blocks / items and possibly more. If you are a serious builder - and would like to make offline copies of fancy constructs - this tool is for you. [Does NOT Import! that's World-Edits job. ] CARBON-COPY 0.1.6 *Debug* Usage instruction; (Type in client chat window) .export (Command parameters, after command) mark mark start mark end mark start x+1 mark end y-1 mark start z+20 mark clear save {NAME} (Special commands for Dumping Item# ID or Block ID - these are only useful for debug / admins) dump items game dump blocks game Export Files (Schematics) - are created in (User specific config directory) under "/Exports", with a name (if you supplied one!)
  6. Forgot to mention: there might be a bug with the Booming Voice feature....don't enable unless you want to help me test it
  7. I think, clothing crafting / rugs-tapestries-linnen-stuff; might still be of more use. Can't even make crude animal-pelt capes or fur-lined clothing for the winter. Even a single ingot limited Smith's Forge for some basic elemental Iron Casting would be neat. (yeah yeah would need Cope & Drag still) Its possible; that while every update should include some crafting goodies - mabey it should also have a new gameplay element? e.g. Whatever happened to the Treasure Maps idea? What about having...instead of annother sell/buy item-NNN Merchant....a Gambling Cardshark? Place a bet/ante with a Item/Block - and place your bets, if you dare! Easy gears right?
  8. You'd need: (not limited to) Machine tools Iron casting (boiler plates) Steam pressure tubing High performance Static steam engines [many options - all needing sophisticated machining] High performance Generators [like above but even MORE demanding] High current Rectification [mostly metallurgy/chemistry] Copper refining (bus bars....probably the only thing that can be built now) Carbon rod production (Chemistry? - Not even sure how these are made....probably difficult) Would be better / easier to ask for a Magic Forge that does it all. As EACH of those components above needs a complex mod-system and many parts to be complete...
  9. Seems like thats from the old VS1.13 version. There is also a *newer* update for V.S. 1.14 (not Just the RC version)...
  10. What would be lovely: STENCILS - when you want something nice painted on your creations with a specific font look... (for those with messy writing!)
  11. An excellent mod! Will the vending machine style version have a glass window to show off the item its Selling?
  12. There is a update - for AM which resolves (hopefully) many of these issues, but still has some flaws to correct before release...It has taken longer than expected.
  13. Working on fixes for the above issues - released when ready....(wear rates need MAJOR tweaking still!)
  14. Indeed - somehow the Bloom detection didn't work as expected....workaround incoming! (Yes, a new Preview-Release!)
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