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  1. Short addendum on the new release; The actual shape/size of the search area may be kinda (unintentionally small) - it may be increased in a later version. It is a straight projection from the face of the rock mined NOT a 'bubble' like the Orascope command was. -- Mine the face TOWARDS the area you are interested in. (also this versions has NOT been tested in multiplayer - it should still work...) Also it DOES replace the "useless" percentages report of the old Prospecting pick...
  2. Am literally working on it now (Also possible V.S. bug!) The Prospecting Pickaxe will work; Differently... it will be MUCH more helpful; it may even draw a obvious line to the nearest ore deposit (if any).
  3. Was thinking of updating to add a "Ore Finder"; replacing the current function of the prospecting pick with a short range; 'Arrow' that shows visually the nearest deposit of any ore. A tool for 'Dummies' Anyone this this is a good idea?
  4. Exported, let me know if these are OK. builds.zip
  5. Fort Frosty; Trading post for Steppe / Tundra regions. Also; small idea - could traders have random clothes or trader specific garb? Question; is there a way to export a Blueprint / pattern for buildings ?
  6. This next one is a semi-recreation of my very first V.S. hovel. It worked as a sort of mini-fort/bulwark; the side trapdoors let me spear any lurkers that appeared each morning - while still offering some protection. I would see some kind of guard/sentry here - perhaps a basement armourer?
  7. An idea for a more 'Temporary' shop. Something that would have been built of local wood & material from tools brought in a cart or wagon. The shopkeeper has an eclectic mix of Junk, err... Unique Deals!
  8. Multiplayer Master Server (listing) When creating a dedicated server, this option auto-registers that server with the Master MP List server via a REST API call upon server startup. The Master MP server verifies that the server invoking its 'RegisterMe' method is indeed a valid VS server after a minute - with a direct stateless 'ServerBriefInfo' call (on the dedicated server). Reoccurring every ## time units the M.MP will re-poll all known servers - to collect metadata, player count, ping, version info / mods, region, public/private, ect... The client UI then requests the M.MP for its Master Listing, filterable by version, region, uptime, activity, ect... and will update individual entries with the 'ServerBriefInfo' call when detailed info is requested. On shutdown of a Dedicated server - it Invokes the 'UnregisterMe' method, no sense to leave defunct servers in the list to be cleared out. Sine NOBODY wants to dig through forums for server names / IPs.
  9. Indeed - There are already parts of a mechanism to do this, with the Run/Sneak-Clicking of wood piles or fires, a BULK STORAGE type for one specific item type. This would need an entirely NEW storage behaviour class(s) / entity code - I would probably model it on the similar mine-craft "drawers" mod. Clay Storage: https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/725-v010-storage-bin-for-vs-18x/
  10. Not enough reeds to make a Basket? Chopped down one too many Giant Oak Trees? Or just the usual Quarry overflow... Use clay to make a STORAGE BIN. It stores, stuff. The form does need lots of clay to create it... Release Notes (v 0.1.0): Took longer than expected, due to odd way VS had generic containers defined, also my modelling skills arn't stellar. Tested locally, no show stopper bugs (but you should always BACKUP before testing any mod) >>> StorageBin_Release_v010.zip <<<
  11. The Stone age tool you've all been waiting for. A Hoe. For farming . Knapping Recipe included! Mod should work for all V1.8.0+ (and later?) versions. >>> Stone_Hoe.zip <<<
  12. Indeed - Minecraft did this with its 'Achievements' UI. Encourage the player to take the first RIGHT steps. A 'template' for crafting items on the crafting grid HAS been done in a MC mod also. (You see a transparent / faded-out ghost of the item that needs to go in each box) There are tons of little Quality of life improvements that can be made to reduce player friction also. (Crafting UI item-recall, multi-craft, outlines, container 'loot-all', ect...) Them WOLVES are bloodthirsty beasts, bent on devouring the player at all costs (or at least the male wolves). I once ran ~200 blocks to my own fortress... the Battle of Black-wolf Hill I called it. Hyena's also put up a competent threat. It would be nice to have ARMOUR - since 2/3 of everything that moves wants to eat you and the other 1/3 just wants to trample. Some form of Boiled-Leather and then Brass scale/Lamellar mail should be the next addition. Pottery; this is like 99% of what its used for IRL - Urns, pots, CONTAINERS. Not really portable, as ceramics are heavy but thats OK for first tier clay craftables. Prospecting Pick <- I wrote a mod to assist with finding ore... thats how useless it is!
  13. Introducing the Improved ORASCOPE! It is a map overlay. Makes finding ore ~ far less of a challenge. Install Procedure: Simply COPY Zip file directly into /Mods > Orascope_Release_V03.2.1b.zip < Instruction; Use Prospecting pickaxe on rock face direction of the area you want checked; it will let you know if there is any ore within a short distance. ORASCOPE USE: Control it with these commands (Press 'T' for console) .orascope on .orascope off .orascope stats You may also need to set a permission, the mod will supply the command text needed. Release notes [v 0.3.2]: New Icons, with outlines Basic Permission integration for servers Stats and Deposit info command - more Totals "Deep Scan" mode
  14. Distro / Kernel release : Gentoo GNU/Linux 4.4.146 x86_64 Mono / .NET package version : mono- Graphics driver version : nVidia 375.82 Works for client, mp server or both : Client (OpenGL) & Server (only locally, no clients) Installation method used : untar & ran install.sh Hacks (if needed) : Manual certificate install for MONO (more a MONO fiddly fix) cert-sync /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt Had to create several symlinks, and install freealut (separate package from OpenAL), using system installed libs over included ones in lib64. (Par for the course on Gentoo) Game runs well with solid 60+ FPS and clear sound and visuals.
  15. Crating Guide - Bugs: Not every craft-able item shows its Recipe! (wicker basket - for instance) Tweaks: Checkbox for Hiding Non-craftable / Non-Survival items (special blocks or placeholder items)
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