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  1. The Stone age tool you've all been waiting for. A Hoe. For farming . Knapping Recipe included! Mod should work for all V1.8.0+ (and later?) versions. >>> Stone_Hoe.zip <<<
  2. Melchior

    Game Design and Suggestions

    Indeed - Minecraft did this with its 'Achievements' UI. Encourage the player to take the first RIGHT steps. A 'template' for crafting items on the crafting grid HAS been done in a MC mod also. (You see a transparent / faded-out ghost of the item that needs to go in each box) There are tons of little Quality of life improvements that can be made to reduce player friction also. (Crafting UI item-recall, multi-craft, outlines, container 'loot-all', ect...) Them WOLVES are bloodthirsty beasts, bent on devouring the player at all costs (or at least the male wolves). I once ran ~200 blocks to my own fortress... the Battle of Black-wolf Hill I called it. Hyena's also put up a competent threat. It would be nice to have ARMOUR - since 2/3 of everything that moves wants to eat you and the other 1/3 just wants to trample. Some form of Boiled-Leather and then Brass scale/Lamellar mail should be the next addition. Pottery; this is like 99% of what its used for IRL - Urns, pots, CONTAINERS. Not really portable, as ceramics are heavy but thats OK for first tier clay craftables. Prospecting Pick <- I wrote a mod to assist with finding ore... thats how useless it is!
  3. Introducing the ORASCOPE! Tired of missing out on all the Tin, Zinc, even just plain old Copper Ore? Fed up with wasting Pickaxes on fruitless resource expeditions with nothing to show but the lantern bug bites? This little Serverside mod will be a GREAT help to you! Install Procedure: Simply COPY Zip file directly into /Mods Type this command into the text console (Press 'T' for console): /orascope nearby The resulting report will be messaged back; ####NORTH####### ###W54321012345E N 4|0000020000## N 3|0000222000## N 2|0000010000## N 1|0000010000## N 0|0000000000## S-1|0000010000## S-2|0000111000## S-3|0000000000## S-4|0000000000## ###W54321012345E ######SOUTH##### The ASCII Art map combines the various Ores' into one flat plane (Z-axis is compressed), and the zero entries are non-ores... Its a 9 block radius centred on the player. These coordinates are RELATIVE to ABSOLUTE NORTH. Not the players orientation - more like what you see on the world map. Basically if you are STANDING (above/below) on ore: it will be North: 0, West 0. Release notes [v 0.1.2]: Fixed Axis (swap Y and Z, minecraft style) Better Map Display (centred correctly) Improved legends Untested with Vintage story V1.8.3 ~ since release was simultaneous.... maybe it will work(?) Orascope_Release_v012.zip
  4. Distro / Kernel release : Gentoo GNU/Linux 4.4.146 x86_64 Mono / .NET package version : mono- Graphics driver version : nVidia 375.82 Works for client, mp server or both : Client (OpenGL) & Server (only locally, no clients) Installation method used : untar & ran install.sh Hacks (if needed) : Manual certificate install for MONO (more a MONO fiddly fix) cert-sync /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt Had to create several symlinks, and install freealut (separate package from OpenAL), using system installed libs over included ones in lib64. (Par for the course on Gentoo) Game runs well with solid 60+ FPS and clear sound and visuals.
  5. Melchior

    Crafting Guide Tweak

    Crating Guide - Bugs: Not every craft-able item shows its Recipe! (wicker basket - for instance) Tweaks: Checkbox for Hiding Non-craftable / Non-Survival items (special blocks or placeholder items)
  6. Melchior

    Linux: Critical Error: Requested GraphicsMode Not Available

    Checking for a "real" OpenGL context - e.g. one provided by a H/W context (ATI/Intel/nVidia/Ect...) and not MESA in S/W (probably this is more just a Warning message than a fault). Also the X.509 Certificate store being populated / valid in MONO (so the TLS handshake does not fail Before contact with account-server), perhaps a more expressive message on GUI for that.
  7. Melchior

    Linux: Critical Error: Requested GraphicsMode Not Available

    Important Info: MONO 5.11 is required - at least on Gentoo (depending on libraries?).
  8. Melchior

    Linux: Critical Error: Requested GraphicsMode Not Available

    Gentoo is a 'Source' distro; its "version" is the sum of EVERY installed package*configuration*gcc/llvm / Kernel. There are missing Symlinks as Eloraam has suggested - when using nVidia + Gentoo. (Mono / OpenTK isn't quite aware of which libs are correct) [libGL.so] Running mono 4.8 - while the engine does not quite load up I think its a driver interaction not a MONO runtime problem. The only times I've gotten that exception was when changing modules (re-install without reboot) or MONO using the wrong ones. It seems like a few basic sanity checks of OpenTK would be needed - just because it can go wrong easily. Also the version of OpenTK shipped with v1.8.0 is 3.00 but the latest is 3.01 perhaps there are small fixes in the latest version that could be tried?

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