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  1. Working on fixes for the above issues - released when ready....(wear rates need MAJOR tweaking still!)
  2. Indeed - somehow the Bloom detection didn't work as expected....workaround incoming! (Yes, a new Preview-Release!)
  3. https://github.com/anegostudios/vssurvivalmod/blob/master/Systems/LiquidContainer.cs Sometimes; things are located 'creatively' - and on occasion 2 classes in the same .cs file... Remember the game code IS a mod itself - thus its in a different project (and survival is 2 components)...
  4. There are updates pending for this mod; as these require extensive testing to assure quality...
  5. Many have contemplated the Riddle of STEEL. Unlike so many - I have A solution. Preview-Release for V.S. 1.13.* ~ Version 0.1.1 [PHASE ZERO] Era of STEEL Preview-Release 0.1.1 (DEBUG) (code+content mod; install it on Server & Client!) Features: Converting regular smithed Iron products (only some of them!) into a form of STEEL Quenching (Temper-Hardening) Sharpening New Spear tip model, New Sword blade model Steel Mail & Scale Kinda-mostly realistic Steel production process based on actual research & historical facts
  6. Tested very briefly; in V1.13 - seems....no new bugs
  7. Quite a good idea; But - according to my research, AAB (Acetic acid bacteria) - actually NEED Oxygen to do their work. [Ignoring the need to have such a organism - already growing in/on the fruit, but sometimes they are found on 'damaged' fruit already...] And its usually; Sugar and/or Ethanol that is converted to Acetic Acid. (The more the better) Exemplary mod BTW.
  8. It should be compatible with most versions - post V1.10 (possibly not V1.12 - since it uses the old style recipe format), mabey I should update it...
  9. This mod; ORASCOPE is kaput, finito, an ex-mod, gone to the sing with the digital choir eternal, finished and resting eternally. I did not say there couldn't be a SEQUEL in the works...but I'm working on a few other things at the moment, and won't commit to any estimate.
  10. Note: removing / uninstalling the mod while a bloom or crucible is working - will cause a client crash!
  11. You may need to update that list a little: -Smithing scraps are now in as a mod...
  12. Time to take back what is owed: Get them METAL (bits) Back when Smithing ! Version-History: 0.1.3: Fixed Iron bloom being considered 'shardable' (it's not! wups) Warning: Pre-release is a buggy testing version, with so many bugs - you'll need an exterminator! Send Reports HERE! (Thanks for your bug-reports) Metal Recovery Pre-Release | 0.1.3 | &nbsp;{Debug edition} < Download
  13. Default is SHIFT + M
  14. What a neat critter! Well done.
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