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  1. Forgot to update link AGAIN... https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/bam/files/
  2. I made a client side mod which does exactly that: Exports to the VS standard format, from a client command. https://osdn.net/downloads/users/24/24277/Carboncopy_Debug_V0.1.0.zip/ (works anywhere, assuming the mod is compatible with installed VS version...)
  3. Melchior

    Unique armors

    It is very much being planned to have specialized armours that have focused - specific damage type (thresholds too) reduction, at the cost of some other parameter. Example: Asbestos coveralls: 50% fire damage resistance; 5% everything else, plus a threshold (Fire) of 1 or so. [its 3 parts, leggings, shirt, and face cover] -Such an armour is also QUITE fragile; having a total of 50 HP... per part.
  4. Melchior

    Unique armors

    While its good to discuss these kinds of topics. Its better - having working code that actually demonstrates or allows permutations of these ideas to be game tested. The B.A.M. mod is LGPL. You could fork it...
  5. Fire. It is not an easy thing to simulate - even for voxel games that take liberties with reality... Currently (V1.9.14); Flammable blocks burn, and fire does indeed spread to connecting blocks. Ignitable items don't however ignite - like extinguished torches or ore-blasters, piles of grass or on-ground items in general. An active fire DOES destroy a block that is 'burning' - after a set time; but does not 'char' or mar it in any way. The burned block simply vanishes from existence, leaving no trace beyond a puff of particle smoke lingering in the air. Flames don't generate real heat or smoke that lingers beyond (still neat) particle effects. Entities standing directly ON a burning block take no heat damage - and since there is no 'smoke', neither any smoke inhalation ill-effects. Some ideas for completing this feature, could be; Item and Ignitable blocks - do 'catch-fire', whatever that means ; flame activates a fuse - or re-lights or does something else; or crumbles into a pile of glowing embers once consumed...(I think this would also apply to entities exposed to high enough heat) Fires generate a 'new' kind of block - ASH that is the end-result of combustible blocks finishing their flame-entropy decay process. It behaves similarly to charcoal layers. If somehow a burning block is extinguished (rain, a bucket of water - even a sprinkler?); it will still show signs of damage from that event (decals - like when 'mining' a block, but scorch). This may mean a new set of textures; 'Scorched' wood... a wooden house would end as a large pile of ashes where the wooden beams or walls once stood. Fumes from fire - can be nearly as deadly as the flame itself. Inhaling these fumes should at the very least be quite harmful - for anything living that respires, or can be harmed by heat (which is everything ATM). Having an entities 'head' or body be in contact with or enveloped with a 'smoke' or 'hot-combustion-gas' gas-block should do instant heat damage, and some kind of asphyxiation count-down. Naturally these smoke or gas-blocks are cellular automata that travels upwards, cooling and possibly expanding into nearby air blocks (at the cost of its temperature, and particle 'density' properties). For bonus points - a layer of soot could cover surfaces that have been heavily polluted. Side-effects, and related thoughts; Could items be doused with water / fall into a stream or pond before they crumble into ash, does it make an ash pile, how long do they 'burn' ? What about sand to douse flames, or piling gravel or dirt? Does wind affect the conduction of 'fire', like how wildfires spread? Would a rainstorm prevent a firepit from working - what about a bloomery or forge? Smoke would potentially interact in a complex way with rain / water - perhaps turning it into steam? Lava. It would become exceedingly deadly, due to all the above properties - and being a natural emitter of extreme heat, becomes nearly unapproachable (unless protective gear is worn). Chimneys needed now! (Half-blocks, slabs and stairs - these need to be 'gas' transparent...what about trap doors or non-solid block-entities?) Pyrolisis; accidentally turning underground hobbit-homes into impromptu charcoal pits...(and getting ash when you wanted char...from a void/hole in the pile) Anti and Pro fire related tools; Water & Sand buckets for dousing flames. A Siphon pump - which can be used for two purposes... Chimneys Torches become even more tricky to use in a wooden house's blacksmithery
  6. There are technical hurdles to having globally visible way-points that are under current development.
  7. Source code to the mod: https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/adjustor/scm/ Also; the translations for the directions of Free , Up, Down are not present for any other non English language. (Translation files would be appreciated)
  8. Melchior

    Armor mod

    Please put any further questions in the thread: Thanks!
  9. Temporary Recipes: The coat of plates has a leather vest (obscured by model glitch).
  10. There is an problem with the current version and Multiplayer servers. It should be fine for LAN usage and in Single player. Please report any issues here.
  11. I should also mention; This mod is Open-Sourced: https://pf.osdn.net/gitroot/m/me/melchior/bam.git Wiki/Manual eventually posted here: https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/bam/wiki/FrontPage
  12. So your intrepid explorer has fallen again to wolves/drifters/irate-ram. If only there was a way to give them better protection; The Basic Armour Mod. (V0.1.8-B) BASIC ARMOUR MOD *download* for VS 1.9.9+ [Not V1.10] (V0.1.8-B *V1.10 PORT*) BASIC ARMOUR MOD *download* for VS1.10.0-pre3 (AND LATER) ; This mod extends the basic gameplay with a straight forward implementation of players wearable armour. A Helmet and several Vests have been provided. Texture & Models created by: BunnyViking (aka Dr.Tenabrae). [Code by Melchior] This IS a Client & Server-side mod. It needs to be installed for ALL clients & Server. Release Notes [0.1.8-B]: Renderer now working as intended on client [all worn armour models should be visible to players ] Helmet transform coordinates correct(er) No update for servers with existing install of V0.1.8, its backwards compatible. (Players should use V0.1.8-B ) Special build made for V1.10.0 version. (no warranty for preleases!)
  13. Indeed these are the same /waypoints from the MAP layer - but now right in the First Person Viewpoint! Slick, Fast, and Convenient. You'll wonder how you did without it before.
  14. The Adjustor Mod for VS 1.9.6+ A useful tool for builders that lets anyone who has it rotate slabs, stairs and other blocks without breaking them! Even from difficult angles - just hold the crouch key and the rotate controls are flipped (spin instead of flip up/down). NEW: Fixed mode. (Default;'F' key) - allows forcing the SAME direction for all blocks - each click will always try and force the block to the same direction. Lets you place several types of slab-like blocks onto roofs or sides they would not otherwise go. Release Notes; V0.1.8 Updated rotation icons Generic-er rotation type handling (may work for MORE blocks now) Other stuff (code tweaks, cleanup, ect...) * Download Mod HERE * Updated version; works better with V1.9.6+
  15. Related to Previous posts ; The new Ore location code will decide a strategy by ore count; a complex cluster finding algorithm for large deposits (+5), a simpler average for ~5 and for >= 1 ,- the actual location of the single block of ore. The Y-Axis values are the raw block position; not quite the same as the relative coordinates provided my map/tooltips/HUD (no offsets applied either). These are the ones shown in the 'stats' command, FYI.
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