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Hey all, not sure where to post this as there isn't an Introductions board, so lemme know if I've flubbed, lol.

Hello! I'm TorandoChaser. And yes, it's meant to be misspelled. I sometimes went by TornadoChaser a long time ago, but when it came time to make a Minecraft username it was already taken, so I went for the somewhat humorous misspelled version and have stuck with that ever since. People still call me Tornado sometimes because the eyes like to see it spelled correctly, and they're always a lil' bamboozled when they take a closer look. XD

I'm brand new to VS, though I've already put about 50 hours into my first world since I got it on the 23rd of September, and lemme just say I am absolutely loving it. This game has everything I always wanted from Minecraft but never got, though MC will always have a special place in my heart. For being an early access game, VS is incredibly detailed (I was shocked to see my roosters fighting each other once in a while just like they do in real life), and I am loving every minute of it.

I first learned of the game through PSJ on youtube, and when I saw "survival game at it's finest" in the video title, I knew he'd struck gold before I even watched it. Bought it a few days later for both myself and my brother and he's having a blast playing it too. The music, especially, is incredible.

The devs have done an amazing job, both with the game and their philosophy surrounding it, and I can hardly wait to see what's next for it! 😁



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