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Right Click Issues - Inconsistent Polling? (Resolved)

Paul Beverage

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EDIT:  This appears to be an issue with the mouse, although there are no issues in other programs.  I used a second trackball of the same model, and the issue has stopped occurring.  I still think there might be something about the way VS polls for mouse actions that makes it very apparent in the game, while other games and programs were, to a user's POV, unaffected.

Good Evening,

OS Version: Windows 10
OS Build: 20226.1000
OS Type: 64-bit

Game version: 1.13.4 (Stable)

  When I am doing anything that requires holding down the right mouse button (watering crops, eating, etc) it sometimes acts like I am repeatedly clicking the right mouse button, rather than holding it down.  This shows itself as taking a very long time to eat, which watching the back/forth hand animations, or very slow watering of crops.

  Strangely enough, this seems to be seemingly infrequent when clay forming.

I will try to capture video of this, but may not be able to.

NOTE:  I reviewed the log files, and cannot find anything helpful captured in any of the logs
NOTE:  My mouse is not having issues with any other programs
NOTE:  This was not occurring with the previous stable version (1.12.14)

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Updating with new information.
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