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New Flowers mechanics and rule

Alessandro De Col

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So, since the oldest version flowers are much more...useless if not for beekeeping. with the exception of the horsetail that now can become an heal tool.

Flowers are only generated at world creation with the one exception of horsetail.

So..you guys really have a love for horse tail uh ?


Joke aside, thats my idea:

First of all, since bee and flowers are really connected in real life, why dont bring it here?

Every 7-10 days, the game check if nearby a beehive or a populated skept there are flowers(lets say 30x30 block). if YES a new plant of a random flower present in that area will spawn, and maybe like the seed, there should be a 5% chance to be 2 flowers instead of 1. 

There should be a limit, like...15 flowers or so, to prevent a total world flowering . 

Second: flowers should have more pratical use. here some examples:

- Wild camomille= can be turn into camomile tea, that can give a little boost during temporal stability loss. also it will requite a new item, the teapot in order to make it(or just do it in the pot)

-jasmine = can become a poor painkiller. can be used to reduce the camera shaking while low on health

-lavander= can be used to boost some of the food preservation(the smell keeps away some insect that can try to eat our food) and /or can be made into tea to (again a teapot would be so cool) realx and sleep better . in a nuthsell you use it to sleep 1hour more actually boosting the bed efficency

-Marigold = another kind of medikit

naturally, i'm not a botanic, but there are so many other thing to take in consideration here, like the fact that some flower only bloom in specific season, but i think we can ignore this for now.

And of course the list i just provide here is a mere example, there are tons of flower that can have a specific use, included the one alredy in the game.

what do you think?

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