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  1. wide blue sky is depressing. cloud add variety to it. i do actually want MORE clouds, storm and rain too.
  2. yes you were correct. i was doing it wrong using exactly that method, but it actually work for the other recipes O_O
  3. The porridge recipe is the follow: 2 - 4 Grain 0 - 2 Berries 0 - 2 Vegetable, Pumpkin or Mushroom 0 - 1 Hone so i pick up my pot and put it in the firepit. than i add in the pot slots: 4 grain(think was rice) 2 berries(red) 2 vegetables(onions) and 1 honey. that it ALSO i've found a lot and i love it! (sionce is kind amy style) but i can do something with SO MANY BONES! (bony gravel and soil and so on) or is just for decoration?
  4. you kind sir, have just ruin my wildest dream...good job
  5. i think i will go with the water... can i pick lava in the same way of the water?
  6. yep shif clik (left or righ i dont remember now) on the base worked just fine! -about the porridge? -i was just wondering.. excep to make charcoal (witch i used a lot) and to make a fire pit what other use have the firewoods? a single piece of wood burn for like 96 sec at 800°. 4 pieces of firewood (made from a single piece of wood) burn at 94 sec (24 each) at 700°... so why i should use firewood to make fire? raw wood burn better and longer O_o - Some wild crops i found around dont leave seeds when harvested, and it happen when they are at stage 1 or so ..but they WONT grow more (i waited) probably cause they spwan on the wrong soil.. can i watering them or something to make grow more and eventually get seeds from them?
  7. no bonus i agree, maybe just better looking or lil be more light? like the glass windows, more light will pass trough
  8. NOT in MY game O_O, i swear!, i was observing them, they peacifull cooexist with all the sourronding animals. the only times i saw an animal die is when i chicken run off a cliff to avoid me. (drifers do it too..but is FUNNY when they do it) SURE, we just have bees, insects (locusts are monsters) are abig..BIG part of a world. also catch some of them and use as fishing bait (WHEN fishing and FISH will be implemented..IF they gonna be)
  9. If in a cave i like to ear drifters and locusts behind a wall...i really really annoyng era them growning all day everydary cause they are like 20 feet under my house, my lake, my chickes... Drifter growl is helpfull, but shouldnt trigger so often or maybe not that louder even when it comes from underground. Also, i understand the point or having monsters ambushing me all the time, but if there is a thick rock wall between us they're not suppose to know i'm there, at least not until i dig it up! have you consider implementing "enemy cone of sight?" like if they are X ° turn in you direction they spot you, otherwise you need to be close enogh to trigger them
  10. Why limited the crafting to just "clear quarz" ? i mean you can make windows in the 2 materials (glass and quarz) so why not lanterns as well? the ingredien (quarz and clear quarz) comes from the same block, you need the same tool level to obtained it and one have also to smelt quarz to turn it in glass, so not that easy to obtain it in early game anyway
  11. -i accidentally puta dummy in the wrong palce and i cant get him off. i've tryed different tools but they didnt seems to work -what i can i use the rope for ? i tryed to use it to clim/descend and so on, i cant jusp put it on anythging - i just discover the advance cooking and i'm diving into it! but i cant make porridge. just that, i can make everything else BUT porrdige. the recipe has been chaanged? - if i stop feed my chickens..what would happen? (it start easy but now they are a lot more and eat like crazy!)
  12. ok. so 'ill pay attention on what the prospector pick says
  13. right the part i was more confuse about XD.
  14. i'm usually around 197/34/ -22 that time i was like 500/14/ -1600. so... a lot to my standars away from home ^^ -anyone else know about the surface depth?
  15. a couple of questions related to the world: -it is flat? or at certain point i will end up again were i started? -how big it is? i tryed to reach the end or anithing but after a wile i just died after meet the same biome over and over again. its quite BIG! -i found on the wiki the indication: "surface". wich i found quite interesting.. what the game intend with surface? how many block deep down is still considered surface? -gears...i found a lot araond..even a time gear froma drifters, but cant quite figure out what they does -near were a spawn everytime i died, there are quite a lot of berries and crops! but during my journey to the end of the world i noticed there were less and less...and than NOTHING for miles and miles.. i was just unlucky or ..? tnx
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