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[1.13.4] Skyguard - More Large Ruins! Version 0.1.1 (Beta)


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Skyguard is a mod in development that adds new large ruins around the world from a historical extinct sect called the Skyguard. Currently the mod is server-only, only affecting world gen. A server-only version will continue to be offered as the mod is expanded to include features which necessitate client modding.


Currently it is in beta, with two types of ruins included. Both ruins include treasure to find!

Planned Features

  • More types of large ruins, including large towers, underground transportation networks, floating castles, and ruins of crashed floating castles
  • Lore journals
  • Temporal instability near ruins
  • Mobs placed within ruins

Note, this isn't everything that could happen, just what is currently planned and what would comprise the 1.0.0 release.

Current Ruins



Ruins of a sky-bridge, where the Skyguard watched


Ruins of quarries, where the stone was taken from for these mega projects!

Install Directions

To install this mod, please download the .zip below and place it into the Mods folder within your Vintage Story install directory. This may be found from within Vintage Story by clicking "Mod Manager" from the main menu, then "Open Mod Folder".


 fishskyguard_v0.1.1.zipfor Vintage Story 1.13.4

Modding  the Mod

Within the downloaded .zip there are .json files in the asset folder. Generally, the ones with a *region.json name control the overall features of the ruins, while the ones with the *gen.json name control the smaller details. This isn't entirely consistent, but these json files can be used to control many features of how the ruins generate, including how frequently the do, their size, their layout, and more. Experiment!




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