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  1. Well luckily I found a deep sinkhole crossing like 5 copper veins, so it just solved itself anyway :3
  2. So the cage breaks if you release the animal? Why? They are way too fragile for the materials they're made of, and too expensive. An ingot lost for sure anyway either you catch the animal or not. That's not worth it..
  3. I confirm the spear bug, I have metal spears (except copper ones) seemingly without textures, and if I try to throw at something (I tried with a wolf), the game crashes. The one in the pic is a tin bronze spear, don't know why the screenshot didn't show the hud. Edit: the CTD happens whenever I throw the spear Second edit: tried going to creative and spawned a copper spear, CTD when I've thrown it, the same happened with obsidian ones, which is strange, as you can notice I crafted obsidian spears before and they worked perfectly, I will try the ones I crafted myself to see if the game crashes again. Crafted spears work fine, spawned spears don't, metal spears I crafted don't work. I will try knapping yet another obsidian spear to see if it works. I will craft isome with different materials Yed another EDIT: crafted an obsidian spear with different materials than the ones I crafted in the pic. Used oak instead of pine, sinew instead of leather straps. It Worked. Then I spawned a copper spearhead in creative and craft a copper spear with it using a oak stick. CTD happened. I'm pretty confident to say the only CRAFTED, primitive spears work right now. Any metal one is corrupted in my game. Also I have to report that Immersion is the last mod I downloaded
  4. I can't seem to find a way to craft a barrel. the instructions on the handbook say to place a plank panel (I used a debarked oak plank panel), and place 12 boards (I tried to use 12 oak boards), when I try to sneak RMB the boards on the panel, nothing happens. I also tried the vanilla recipe but it doesn't obviously work. What to do? Edit: nothing, I had to create a plank block with boards and then saw it.. That's quite complicate a procedure
  5. You have to download the latest version of carrycapacity, its link is in the top comment of this thread, you need to download the 0.4.9
  6. Does this mod change world generation by any means? I found some pretty absurd worlds generated after I activated this mod Something like spawning in a mountain range at 1300 high and having a canyon made by a small river cutting the range down to 650 block height lol and I end up always spawning inside a river in a canyon so steep I can't find a way out lol
  7. Oh maybe it might be that, since the wolves don't follow me if I run too quickly and have a terrible path finding, I resorted in making them follow me only if I'm not in a hurry or if I don't have to get into a cave. so it might be that
  8. Maybe? After the third that I've abandoned in a cave no more had come.
  9. I have found 2 of them lol I have the latest version of course, I had left one behind near a trader because I was running too fast, several days later one approached me near my base, I thought it was the same that found its way back, but when I got back to the aforementioned trader, the first GW i found ran back to me, now I got back to my base and the second also came in lol I guess I would fear nothing more in this playthrough ahahahah Edit: 8 hours later, and maybe less than a week in game later.. Met the third GW Since I really, REALLY don't want a golden wolves army, I at least resorted in luring the third one into a deep cave and left it there. But at this point when I will complete my chalet, the forge, the windmill, the tannery and whatever else, I will have likely something like 20 wolves.. Is it possible that this is related to having turned on my mods in an already generated world? Also I modified the world to be smaller, 100k blocks
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