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  1. Wow, this mod is kinda cool! I don't personally with boars eating rot which makes me think it would need to implement another feature, which use low quality food producing low quality livestock and meat :3 but anyway seems a great work! I will try it right now.
  2. This on 2.2.1 Also, While exploring, I found the place where the mining gauntlet is, some parts of the place had as floor a block named "stone path" that couldn't load the textures properly. And lastly, the Electric sword can be spawned in 2.2.1 but there is no recipe for it in the handbook
  3. There seems to be a bug where using the mirror sometimes consumes 2 uses instead of one. Edit: Also, there is to smithing recipe for Meteoric Iron and Steel Frames :3
  4. I've activated the mod, but it makes my minimap and map flicker..
  5. Really looking forward to use it on 1.14 :3 I did with 1.13.4 and it worked nicely, just (obviously) recipes introduced by mods weren't available
  6. The size of the impact area is the same no matter what kind of blocks the meteor hits, or does is it change? For instance, is it the same impact size whether the meteor hits a rock area or a dirt one, or is it same? And if it's the same anyway, how deep does it go? :3
  7. Nope, I'm a loner so.. I need them mostly because this way is a bit more practical to move all the stuff I collected from my initial base to my final one :3 Thanks a latte
  8. I don't really know unfortunately :3 you can try setting up the time between meteors on 1 minimum and 2 max (minutes), reduces distance in chunks on 1 minimum and 2-3 max, making them all last between 9 and 10 seconds.. That way you will have plenty of chances to see them. As @Taska Raine asked to me, which world height did you set when you created the world? I haven't personally tested mode than 384 or something in the range, and that was fine
  9. How do I enable them to be carried on the back? :3
  10. Yep I found the key by randomly pushing keys ahahahah
  11. I've tweaked those values in previous updates, and I didn't notice any substantial change in the levelling speed. However inside the mod in the xskills/patches subfolder I noticed that every skill file has values for the experience of every action linked to the skill. increasing the values increase the speed in a linear way. The problem is that there is no pottery/cooking/survival/blacksmithing file in that subfolder. I got access to the Survival/strong back skill, where am I supposed to go to find the additional inventory?
  12. Ok then I guess italian alps ones are the midget kind lol pardon my ignorance
  13. Is it just me or is impossible to extract seeds from bushes? The mod seems to work for the flowers, even for horsetail, but I can't extract from berry bushes @Sukotto82 That would be at least partly incorrect, I don't not about cranberries, but blueberry bushes are low on the ground, they don't grow tall
  14. I'm also here to report clothing repair being hindered by your mod, I thoroughly checked and it prevents linen from being used to repair clothing items, flax twine still works fine
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