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Wild bee hive may have broken


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So I think I may have gotten a glitched wild bee hive at this point.

I had placed 26 flowers beneath it and placed two skeps between them and the wild bee hive said swarming in less than a day.
So I slept because it was getting dark and I had to wait and when I woke up it just ticked over from 'swarming in less than a day' to no swarming message, but none of my skeps had a population in it. It's been almost half an hour IRL now since that happened and I have not gotten the bee hive to even update the amount of flowers I have around it, I tried placing and breaking flowers, raised and lowered some of the ground around it since it was on the edge of a small hill and tried removing and re-placing the skeps, the hive is not updating the amount of flowers and has not tried swarming again at all so far.

Is the hive just broken or did I maybe get unlucky with time of year? I am not fully aware if the time of year affects swarming at all.

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