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Possible effects from sleep deprivation in game


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I think it'd be a really neat feature to add negative status effects to players if they go an extended period of time (multiple days) without sleeping in game.


Some cool possible ideas:

Subtle distortion of the surroundings, may grow stronger the more you stay awake

More susceptible to damage

Auditory/Visual hallucinations

Decreased walking speed

Doing decreased damage with weapons

Taking longer to break blocks with tools because of decreased energy/strength from sleep deprivation


What do you guys think?

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I agree. Maybe disable these on multiplayer? I liked how in elona random things happened in your dreams, including getting item harvests or your equipment getting cursed. As it stands sleeping is detrimental because you lose time before temporal storms. Beds only pass time, so why craft them? Being forced to sleep forces the player to manage time better, especially since winter is a thing that we need to prepare for. 

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