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  1. I have concluded that my issue was impatience. Red meat just cooks longer than soybeans.
  2. Heat stroke should be a feature. I used to watch this youtuber play daggerfall, and i never realized just how many mechanics have been removed from the elder scrolls games. As it stands there are very few disadvantages to the hot biomes. The year round growing season makes up for the heat damage to crops. We do need more ruins. However i think i have stumbled on something, but need other testimony before making a conclusion: Surface ruins indicate the presence of translocators. Maybe this was something everyone else has known for a while and i am slow, maybe it's my seed, but i have noti
  3. Now that's a nice modlist you got there. looks like the entire database.
  4. I am glad someone is doing it. I could not play minecraft without industrial craft, and i have been struggling to stay interested in vintage story because of it. We have all the metals, and then some, along with other things.
  5. Balance? i did not think that far whooops. It just sounded cool talk about feature creep. First off, they would not heal, so you would have to heal them. 2nd off, and i got this from sunless seas, they will sometimes try to break out of the oven before they are done, so if you do not have steel door on that oven, well you are in trouble... A half baked golem will be a super hot, super dangerous angry mob. How about a disk world approach for balance, that the golems sound cool at first, until they start getting to work. Tell them to dig? well they will keep digging, until they hit t
  6. in temporal tinker, there is a drill, and it works like a super pickaxe that does a 3 by 3 square at a time. Great for tunneling. But the drill press? sounds so much better. Not gonna lie this sounds like a crazy start for a dr Stone mod, next thing would be an air compressor that blows air into the blast furnaces so that they get hotter and use less fuel...
  7. I propose a golem mechanic that would use a multiblock structure as an oven for baking them. A golem kiln if you will. the golems are made piece by piece out of clay, and can be reinforced with various metal dust from the pulverizer. Now the types of golems made would also be varied, from a defense golem, a messenger golem, and a horse golem.
  8. What would be neat is if there was a special polar ruin, like an ice city, or frozen temple. Something like mountains of madness. Either give it a special resource, or place a dangerous boss there. The hypothermia risk would be a great barrier to keep out the unprepared.
  9. Do you have discord running? Sometimes Discord messes with mods.
  10. Qp tech now has electricity, any chance that the batteries can become rechargeable in the future?
  11. Noice. does this mean electric drills soon?
  12. Why not allow temporal stability glyphs on tapestries, that prevent drifter spawns during temporal storms? each storm wears down on them, until they become completely useless. This would be the need for that industry. Also maybe allow better crafting options? instead of just a stick and a tool head, it is now a stick, tool head, and the handle is wrapped with twine to make it more sturdy and allow better grip. As for insulation, i am not sure how far tyrone wants to go into the programing, as that is approaching stationeers level of feature creep. However, if villagers are added to the game,
  13. VSProspectorInfo Makes prospecting easier. QOL-Tweaks: Useful-Scrap: one of the best mods. you will never play the game without it ever again. Makes scrap and surplus gears useful. Pemmican (continued) This is a necessary mod. did you know WW1 field ration pemmican is still edible? For extra insanity look up the pemmican wars. Weaver's Weed: you want this mod. you will never have enough plant fibers unless you get this mod Anvil Metal Recovery: this is something that should be a in the base game. This is an important mod for smithing.
  14. This would be an interesting mob. Kill too many foxes and an angry fox spirit shows up. Kill too many wolves and the wolf king shows up.
  15. You know, at first i was like "meh" but then thinking about it, having a magic wand would be interesting, furthermore if a mistake was made in the runes, it would just kill you outright. Plus s lightning rod would be dangerous in the water or rain, and a fire rod would be dangerous around flammable things.
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