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  1. AngryRob


    I would not mind seeing underground settlements, or using a temporal gear over a village ruin to go back in time to trade with them.
  2. Will i lose my world save when i update the game? i am starting to get things rolling, but i also want to update to the steel update.
  3. Currently when we want to craft an item, it's either all metal, or a stick and metal. While the crafting system is similar to tinkers construct in that we have molds and alloys, we are missing one key element:composite materials. Tinkers construct had all sorts of options, from wooden to stone handles, paper handles, and all sorts of parts. Each part added a benefit to the tool as well. It added a lot of depth to the crafting system. I would love to see this in vintage story. Not only to make better tools, but to add variety to what we have.
  4. I think mithril can be considered aluminum. Not sure if that is in the game or not. What kenshi mods? Kenshi has one of the best modding communities out there. I think by TFC they are talking terrafirmacraft. I never did that mod. I did build craft, industrial craft, thaumcraft and dragon block c. For mod requests I want to see more uses for resin. Like crafting armor, tools, and weapons with it. Also concrete. A slab system where we pour concrete and wait for it to harden would be fun. Concrete roads that give a 5x run bonus? Maybe have a mixer that can be attached to the windmill? Also more windmill stuff. The windmill is fun. It's fun to make, fun to watch, and fun to use. That is a hit out the ballpark and it would be a crime if Tyron did not add more windmill stuff to the game.
  5. I agree with this, and have been thinking: Starvation will have debuff levels that will kill after a longer period, and the thirst bar is the one that will take health away when it is empty. The starvation debuffs will not be pretty, like slower movement speed, the temporary loss of a baggage slot, and health reduction. Then again, if that over complicates things then the hydration bar will add buffs instead, and the different drinks will add special buff conditions. I would love to see a high tech level vodka made in a s still that allows you to see ore deposits through stone, the higher the gravity, the longer you can see.
  6. That and captain nemo style submarines and dive suits. Could you imagine instead of the neither or the end it's a giant underwater sunken city filled with dangerous fishmen, colossal squid, and the throne of Old Greg?
  7. Well it already has a good mod scene, and mods are very easy to install, and the alloy system is good already. So i can see high tech mods being easy to do. A galcticraft style mod would be off the chain....
  8. Does this work with newer versions of the game? never mind, i read all the comments and saw that the mod does not work anymore.
  9. Does it matter how the half slab is placed? i use half slab floors, and they are set up so that i can still place blocks on them. So will they work to prevent drifter spawns? I have not weathered a temporal storm yet, so if someone has an answer that would be greatly appreciated. otherwise i will find out, for science.....
  10. Multiblock ships is listed on the roadmap. It was done in minecraft via the Archimedes ships mod, as well as in games dedicated to it like starmade and starship evo. In minecraft i used them as a platform to carry the buildcraft miner machine around and dig up the ocean, or a pump to pump up surface lava lakes. however these things are not available in modded form yet. It also begs the question: Is this the best way to do vehicles? While airships were fun, Flans mod had better aircraft that were also more fun to fly and faster. the way the normal ships worked was also annoying because it would leave giant holes in the minecraft ocean. So instead of a multiblock ship, why not a ship that is crafted in a similar fashion to the pottery and smithing systems? A ship yard or vehicle shop is placed, and from a drafting table a voxel blueprint is generated in the ship yard that we add parts to. This system would not just work for ships, but also cars and aircraft as well. While it would limit the types of vehicles that could be created, it would also avoid a lot of the other problems that the multiblock ships had in minecraft.
  11. Is the tech level going to stop at the steam age, or are we going to go IC2/ big reactors? Going from stone age to space age would be one hell of a game.
  12. I have found that panning really cuts the grind down, a lot, and in all sorts of useful ways. Not only do i get enough copper for the hammer and pickax, but i also get copper spear heads, stones, both types of gear, and mechanical parts. It's possible to get everything you need to fix a translocator via panning. As such panning is my nightly project if i do not have plans. thankfully with the way the game generates worlds there is always some sort of gravel field or desert that i can try to destroy via panning. it is a time saver and my more recent world i got 4 copper spears out of it and a blue gear before i was in the copper age.
  13. AngryRob

    Dive suits

    So what you are saying, is that we could have awesome dive suits BEFORE drowning is implemented? i mean that would be kinda neat.
  14. Thanks for the explanation. I had assumed that only tin goes into bronze, but i never considered the other alloy. IC2 got me convinced that tin and copper would be super common, but that was minecraft and this is a different game. After watching some youtubers i have realized that bronze is very much an end game metal...
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