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This a compilation of major suggestions that would vastly improve the game in my opinion. By major, I mean things that would likely take their own update. I am leaving out any small tweaks and features that I would like to see added. I plan to give in depth posts on each of these but for now I am just giving short descriptions. Additionally, I realize that many of these are probably planned by the developers. I will be borrowing from others who have made great suggestions. (If you don't won't me to use your suggestions, just let me know). Anyway, let us begin.

  • Transportation
    • More transportation methods is something that would really help the game grow.  It would make exploration much more achievable and less of a challenge. I think that horses, mules, minecarts, and boats should all be added. But I also like the idea of oxen, carts, and wagons like Aiden McPherson mentioned. In addition, climate specific transportation would be cool, camels could be used in deserts and sled dogs could be used in the artic. 
  • Combat
    • The combat system could definitely use a overhaul. I really can't say it better than Erik has. I will attach his combat suggestion file and here is a link to his latest combat suggestion.(again, if you would not like me to use this, Erik, just let me know)  
  • Villages 
    • Villages would add some life to the game.  Something like a simpler version of the MC Millenaire would be really cool. At least make the player be able to interact with the villagers in more than just trading. There should be some type of reputation points that players can gain or lose.  I would also suggest that the villagers interact with one another and be independent of the player.     
  • Weapons
    • This goes hand in hand with combat but I think it deserves its own section. I don't think many more types of weapons should be added, although I would like to see flintlock weapons like lambda65 suggested, if done in moderation. I think there should be subtypes of current weapons. Using the sword as an example, there could be a katana, a short sword, a claymore, and many more. The same thing also applies to other weapons. This would be cool to see applied to bows, with longer bows, more composite bows, and cross bows. There would be tradeoffs with draw speed, distance, and damage. Additionally, shields should be added. Finally, players should be able to create spears all the way up to the iron age, or steel age whenever that comes out. 
  • Water
    • Oceans and rivers would be great. They could be used as a form of transportation. They would also really add to the atmosphere of the game, which feels a little weird right now without major bodies of water.  Underwater ruins and and coral reefs would also be cool. Additionally, dynamic water would be amazing, but I also realize that it would be difficult to add.
  • Structures
    • While the structures currently in the game aren't horrible, they can mostly be explored in less than a minute. Dungeons which take longer to explore and are more dangerous would be a nice addition. They should be dangerous enough that a player would have to get more than just stone age tools to survive them, unless they get lucky. They could be above ground or below ground. I think they should consist of multiple parts and be more intact. Ruined castles, abandoned mines, and old temples are all examples of what I mean. Exploring these dungeons would be something that takes more time and preparation. In return for exploring these more dangerous structures, the loot should be better. To clarify, I am not saying that the old structures should be removed, there should just be some rarer but more elaborate structures too. Additionally, mobs that are specific to structures would help make structures more terrifying and special. There are many SCP monster that would make structure so spooky. Something like SCP-173 would be terrifying to find in structures. 
  • Caves
    • More underground biomes and mobs would really help the game. This might sacrifice some realism, but it would still be worth it. For underground biomes, there is a lot that could be added. Underwater caves would be really cool and would tie into the water suggestions. Under ground lakes would also be nice. There should certainly be lush biomes underground, but these should only be near the entrance where light can reach. In general, caves should be more than just tunnels. There should be large rooms inside caverns. There should also be large entrances that narrow down to lead to thinner tunnels. Just google amazing caves to get see what I mean. As for cave mobs, there are not a lot of real life animals that live in caves that could be implemented into the game. Bats are about it.  Adding some made up creatures might be the only option. Some Lovecraftian or SCP monsters would make caves more terrifying. Something like Lovecraft's Ghasts are one example that would fit perfectly into caves. 
  • Mobs
    • There are a lot of mobs that could possibly be added. I think there they fall under 3 types, ambient, realistic, and enemies. Ambient mobs are mobs that are really just there to add life to the game and don't have any use. There really aren't any of these in Vintage story, as almost everything has a use. Bugs are the only mob that could be added that falls under this category. Realistic mobs are mobs that exist in real life. There are practically endless possible mobs of this type. Some that I think should be a priority are dogs, birds, fish, and those mentioned in transportation. Enemies are mods like drifters. They only exist to harm you. If villages are added, these could be bandits or raiders. Again, Lovecraft and SCP offer a lot of good inspiration for monsters. I have already mentioned some above, but there are many more. I also think rarer but more dangerous mobs with great drops would be cool. Something like Ithaqua or SCP-173 like I mentioned above are great starting points.  

This is all I have for now. Let me now your thoughts in the comments. If you have any good suggestions, I will add them to this list. I do plan to write separate posts for each of these that go into more detail.  


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