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Horses and Falconry


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Horses and falcons!!! I'd love to see some herds of wild horses roaming and falcons flying around with the ability to be tamed and bred! Maybe just breeding for the horses though. Both could be relatively rare to find and spawn in specific areas. Have different types of horses like big draft horses to help move ore, building materials, maybe help power machines and clear the land for building or plowing fields. Then horses for riding. Be able to craft armor, saddles and much more for them. Drifters and wolves could attack horses and falcons. The falcons could be used for hunting, or scaring away predators. Maybe to be used down in caves. Leather gloves and gear for the falcon would be required. You'd have to go through extensive training and a relationship meter could be implemented to show loyalty (for both horses and falcons) and how big of game they'd be willing to go after and scare or help attack. Maybe magic from the temporal gear could give you the ability to see through the eyes of the falcon to see far distances and scope places out, or direct attacks if your relationship is really strong. So many exciting possibilities!

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