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[V. 1.2.0] Knockers!


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Probably could have chosen a better name, but it is what it is.

Once you get some nuggets of a certain type, take those two nuggets and two charcoal to craft your first knocker!


When you right click on a stone for a couple seconds, you get a reading of how much of that ore type is in your area. This number gets higher depending on how close you are to the ore, as well as how big the cluster is. Use the knocker multiple times to try to get a fix on the direction of the ore.

This is my first mod release, lemme know what you think!




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7 minutes ago, Chimaeram said:

I don't know the balance of the game very well. How much does this simplify the search for ore veins relative to vanilla?(google translate)

I tried to balance the mod so it's not too overpowered. You need the ore you want to find first, so it only makes subsequent excavations a little easier/less grindy. There's a durability on the knockers too, and their range is somewhat limited (Right now it's a 32 block radius, I might make it smaller if necessary)

It still takes a bit of trial and error to find the ore, so it's also a bit gamified and doesn't tell you straight up where the ore is, so there's still some challenge involved.

This mod works best in tandem with the prospect pick, you still need that tool to find the general vicinity of the ores you want.

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several proposals:

make crafting a little more difficult so that it is at least a little expensive to create (for example, add nuggets to a geological hammer to specialize it).

make it brittle so that the player can destroy the tool without finding any ore.

it's probably easy to do this yourself, but you can add an easy way to adjust the ore search distance, or add a description of how easy it is to do this.(google translate)

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03.12.2020 в 6:05 Химерам сказал:

сделайте крафт немного сложнее, чтобы его создание было по крайней мере немного дороже (например, добавьте самородки в геологический молот, чтобы специализировать его).

сделайте его хрупким, чтобы игрок мог уничтожить инструмент, не найдя руды.

Можно просто не использовать мод, чем жаловаться на его легкость...Такие моды всегда нравятся за их легкость...

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