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Seeking friendly, immersion-heavy server--more info inside.


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Some of you may have seen me poking around in places, but I can't seem to find anything that fits into what I want in a public server. I'd rather not create one myself, as I have a few too many other side projects going on in my spare time. In that same vein, I am not always able to attend community events. Most of my time on Vintage Story is spent playing with my fiance. However, when he's at work or sleeping, I have no one to play with. (I'm not opposed to just finding a new friend and playing together now and then either, but I can be inconsistent, as my health tends to determine my availability.)

Some things to keep in mind before telling me about your server:

  • I would prefer something hosted in the US or Canada. While the majority of individuals don't notice a tenth of a second latency, I do. Usually in the form of sound delays, rather than visual ones.
  • Please no PvP. I am horrible at combat. I have bad hand-eye coordination.
  • I cannot promise to log in every day or even every week. There is no consistency to my availability though, and sometimes I will also log in daily for weeks at a time. It really depends on several factors.
  • Modded is fine, as long as the mods in use don't feel like cheating or break immersion.
  • I would prefer a server with an established "community" in a region that is basalt heavy. This is a personal preference, and if one isn't available I will gladly build it. Just be patient with me.

If you're inviting me to play on a server, please give me the following information, where applicable:

  • Server specs (I require this one, as this information is vital to the game's performance).
  • Server location (so I have an idea of what level of latency to expect)
  • IP/Port/Hostname.
  • Discord.
  • Activity rules.
  • Rating (PG-13 vs Mature, because I try not to swear around children if I can help it).

I apologize if I sound difficult, but unfortunately I have very specific needs when it comes to multiplayer online play. Thanks!

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we are a small group looking for a few more players.  we play a couple times a week and i host out my house near chicago.  we don't move super fast but occasionally have a long saturday or something with a small jump.  we aren't really far along and generally there is 2 of us who play the most and we trying to find like 5ish to 10 more players. dm/pm if interested

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