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  1. we are a small group looking for a few more players. we play a couple times a week and i host out my house near chicago. we don't move super fast but occasionally have a long saturday or something with a small jump. we aren't really far along and generally there is 2 of us who play the most and we trying to find like 5ish to 10 more players. dm/pm if interested
  2. i was running a server with about 8 players with an old 4 core amd phenom processor and 8GB ram and never had issues. I have upgraded now and have much better specs, but just an fyi, this server isnt that hard to run overall. you should be good i would think.
  3. not sure what you mean by that?.. does one include the other? or are you saying one creates enough food options?
  4. Friendly server with family atmosphere. There are several children who do know how to play , but children none the less and then we have a handful of adults as well. we are looking to expand on our player base so we aren't so lonely.. mods included on server: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lcom76zszs5q1xk/AADEmquuk-CNlqnclwallwPqa?dl=0 if you are interested in joining my discord DM me on discord user name Cheddar#1958 and we can see about having you join the team. I run this dedicated server myself on my personally owned server.
  5. I get this list of error messages when my server boots. This is the only mod related to clothing I have so I'm guessing it is related to it. Idk for sure. Any help be appreciated. Also doesnt stop server from loading and thus far no in game issues or crashes that I'm aware of.
  6. I am sorry, you are right I actually posted this question in the entirely wrong mod... I must been having a moment. Disregard, but also loving this farming mod as well. Thanks
  7. when i load my server i get this error, everything runs and its new server so i cant really test what this will cause for issues. im assuming its from this mod as its all clothing recipes.
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