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any good step by step how to create your own mod tutorials?


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I've made a mod and it's pretty much done I have a few things to work out but the issue is it's not sharable. the way I made it is I made everything in the actual games roaming>vintagestory>assets>survival path and just added and modified what I wanted in their respective folders. but when I used the mod creator to make it into a mod.zip it doesn't seem to work for people. 

I know it's bad practice madding in this way to begin with but I started all over from scratch using the tutorial on the wiki basics adding a block, mygoldblock and I went through that and did the tutorial and it doesn't work.

here is the zip from it.


this is the first tutorial for a basic block and it doesn't work.

also here is my mod that I made that also doesn't work for others but works fine for me until I zip it all up and try sharing it.


I wanted to follow a basic tutorial to get the tutorial mod working so I could rewrite my mod to get it working but the tutorial mod doesn't work so now I don't know what to do.

if there is any good step by step from beginning to end tutorials that would work I'd like to see it thank you. I seen the one on the same tutorial for the goldblock/shinyblock but it's in Russian and I only know English.

this is the tutorial I followed


I did up to the testing distributing part and that is when I found the mod doesn't work.

I didn't go any further to the advanced properties part yet since the first part doesn't work.

did I overlook or skip something and that's why it doesn't work?


I went ahead and finished the whole thing. but still not working. I feel I either missed something or it doesn't work with the current version (1.14.2) of the game.

here is my attempt at the myshinyblock tutorial


ok, I think I figured out my issue. I'm not sure if I'm just having a crazy day or what but it seems if you don't add "modid": to your mod info you need to add mod to the end of your zip folder but if you include a "modid": in your mod info then you just need to make sure the zip name matches your mod id name. 

I didn't know this and I just named the zip my mod id name without specifying the mod id in the mod info and I didn't add mod at the end of the name of the zip folder so it didn't work. as soon as I added mod to the end of the zip folder name it worked then I added modid to the mod info area and took off the mod part and now it works.

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