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Suggestions for Server-Management


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Since Servers seem to be getting more Attention lately (given that you host some yourself now) i think now is the time to speak about some problems i have with my own server and features that would be an awesome addition.

First of all, the Claim-system seems really Buggy right now.
Sometimes the "allowuseeveryone" doesn't work, granting rights to a group also hardly ever seems to work, sometimes a server restart gets stuff working but that is not always an option for me unfortunatly.

Giving a Claim to others doesn't seem to Work, at least i can't figure out how. I'm also told that i have no rights for a claim when checking with "/land info" although it's a claim i created myself, the claim itself also tells me that i am the creator and not only can i work on it anyway (although the game tells me i shouldn't be able to) i have adminstatus anyway so i superseed the claimrights while in "/gamemode creativ", which is actually a bad thing in my eyes, since claims should be protected and that protecction should take an extra step to deactivate.

Creating Roles for the Server such as a "guest" role is oddly difficult and sometimes people can/can't do stuff that they should/shouldn't.


I Suggest putting all those Systems into a Simple Interface for Management by Admins. Creating a Claim can stay the way it is, although modification like granting rights and such should also be doable with the interface. Claim rights should also be transferable


Beeing able to easily creat and modify Roles on a Server would make Community-Management far easier. Guests could walk around without worrying about hunger or wildlife-danger, but in turn wouldn't be able to modify the world around them in any way except opening doors. (the allowuseeveryone rule let's you take stuff out of chests as well as take stuff from Shelfs, this needs an extra rule since it's either "Take all my stuff" or "Sorry you can't visit me when i'm not here to open doors for you")

Handling Claims more easily and Having the Information better viewable alone would already be a big Plus in my book, but beeing able to actually transfer the rights to another Player would bring about many posssibilitys, from making a City and selling plots in it to selling whole houses or mining-rights.
I would suggest that the Transfer would be done with an item, let's say, you type in "/land claim contract" while standing in your own claim would creat a "contract" and another Player using said contract would Transfer the rights to him. This would also work even better once Player-to-Player Trading-windows make it into the game to simulate bartering (simply throwing stuff out on the ground in good fate that the other person does the same is a bit scary once we Trade the really rare or time-consuming stuff)
A thing to keep in mind though, is that only one contract of a claim should be able to exist at any time, else people make second one and use it after the ownership changed to get the claim back.


Thank you for Reading, and i'd appreciate Feedback

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