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  1. "TRAIN, SUSTAIN ... OR DRAIN" While i agree that muscles drain if not used and the brain gets a bit slower, the same can't be said about skills. I haven't ridden a Bike in quite some time, at the very least 5 years but i'm pretty sure i would be just as good as to my best time after a few minutes of getting back into it. would i be able to ride it for a long time without getting tired? no, but that doesn't mean that my proficiency droped, just that my stamina did. Cooking is the same, once you properly learned it you will not forget it. Cooking for a whole army is tiring sure but a fancy dinner? no problem. So if your system says "train or lose proficiency" then i think thats not a good idea. you should make muscles their own system taht gives you a buff for certain actions (mining chopping, wood and so on) but proficience itself should not be affected, or at least very minor to the point that a bit of practise can counteract it with low effort. If constant usage of skills is required then i fear at least on multiplayer some people will feel forced into a role. "ohh you have high cooking skill so you should cook", "If somebody else mines this then it would be a waste, you do it you have that rare perk and high skill level" This is my take on your system for now. A small recommendation for "LEVELLESSNESS" you could just use the "exponential function" from the point below and simply remove a skillcap. once you reach a certain point, progression simply takes so long that people will never reach a higher level, and thats without the feeling of "I reached the top now i don't need to improve anymore". Just to make sure, i don't dislike the idea, it's close to what i thought would work nicely, i just have some missgivings that i wrote down in the hope that it would be constructive critic, and i hope you can look at it that way. I hope this idea gets some more work done on it and then maybe implemented.
  2. are you on a server or Singleplayer? If singleplayer you can forget ".commands", here you use "/commands" Try /weather set clearsky
  3. I very much like this idea, Hunting right now is... not really worth the time honestly but if those creatures can only be encountered that way, i think this would be a very fun experience. I would like to supplement to the idea that those creatures should yield Trophys sometimes, maybe even rare ingredients for Potions once the "Herbalism / Brewing System and Potion Effects" System on the roadmap gets implemented. At least concerning the Trophys, there is already a mod that makes pelts placeable i think, so that could be incorporated at that time, getting some horns and crafting a wall-trophy would also be nice. Another possible mechanic could be training an hunting dog. At first he would bark sometimes leading to a failed hunt, but with more experience he would help finding clues, maybe even find some that the player alone wouldn't have found. Another point from the Roadmap: "Player Progression System (Leveling, Gear Attributes, Skills)" is something that could work very well with this idea. I've always been more a friend of "learning by doing" systems like in TES games instead of distributing skillpoints like in 7d2d, and the way you described the progression system would mesh very well with an proficiency system. Afterthought: a trapping system could also be enabled once the proficiency is advanced enough, lures for smaller prey, a pitfall for bigger prey and so on.
  4. you're right just found ya, didn't see you writing although you're pretty active here so i made an assumption. mea culpa
  5. There are some other forms of payment yes, but it is a bit questionable if they are available for you. From your question it sounds like you didn't try it out yet? There is SOFORT for one and i think there are other ways. If it doesn't work here you could try at humblebundle, but thats a bit more expensiv. Your best bet is to find someone who has a credit card and buys the game for you, although that takes some trust.
  6. you're missing out on a whole lotta nice screenshots and stuff then The Official Discord Server is full with veterans of the chisel.
  7. Is it now? I don't see you on the Discord Server though guess i gotta fill that role there.
  8. Kaelty


    .26? that sounds like best possible? This is a Vessel in my Cellar, i'm rather sure that it's about the best possible as long as you have a door. Grains last for almost 5 years inside. are you sure your cellar isn't recogniced as one? The only thing left would be that nonsolid blocks might make problems same as in a charcoalpit. So doors, slabs and stairs would reduce the effekt of a cellar. but that should only concern the walls the cellar is made out of.
  9. Kaelty


    Hey Kitty! can you tell me whats the decay-rates are for the pots? also is the roof just those bricks or is there another layer above? Doors are not solid blocks as such they are detrimental to preservation. Optimal would be an airtight room. The position of the Vessel could matter depending how close to the door they are. I build my cellars allways inside mountains/hills and a good way into it and it works fine for me that way.
  10. Kaelty

    Where Be Bees?

    no worrys, i had that problem with the wrong name too on my first day^^ you actually got really lucky there, i know people who run around in full armor and still no bees.
  11. nothing stopping you from doing so, it's just gathering material for now.
  12. I kinda doubt that it makes the game unusable unless you are missing all but one finger on your keyboard hand. ...if you do then never mind, my bad.
  13. Kaelty

    Where Be Bees?

    hey sam, Bee's are rather rare true but it's also a matter of luck. i suggest to search smaller groups of trees around a few hundred blocks south of your spawn and then expand the search to the east and west from there. Worst case scenario if you are willing to cheat and you play singleplayer you can switch into creative mod via "/gamemode creativ" and place a beehive into the world at a point of your convineance.
  14. the invisible dough bug is allready well known but for some reason seems hard to fix (the files should be in order though) the Handbook is still in development so some info is missing or slightly wrong please have patience as it will get some work done on it in the future.
  15. 1. allready been suggested a thousand times. 2. uhhm and in what do you pickle eggs? i don't think you do it in salt and thats the only way of pickleing right now. maybe once vinegar and stuff exists 3. just wearing a Cow Skull without processing doesn't work in reality. that thing would either not fit or just slip off. making a helmet out of it might work but thats stuff for a mod.
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